7 Days to Die Console Commands and Cheats

I have missed 7 Days Salvation and once I do heard 7 Days to Die is on PC, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The game as expected is wonderfully superb. It combines the elements of Minecraft, DayZ and Ark with tons of improvements. As a survival horror, 7 Days to Die is an open world game set in the fictional county of Navezgane in Arizona.

The gameplay begins after a zombie apocalypse occurred and as the sole survivor of war, you must survive at all cost by finding food, shelter and water while scavenging supplies that can help you “fend off” creatures and zombie attack. 7 Days to Die is in one word promising. It is a game with many features and I personally fancy the building aspect.

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Now here’s the thing, 7 Days to Die as a “great” game offers a “slew” of mods but aside from this, it brings support for cheats and console commands. So if you’re ready to fiddle and probably spawn some “items” during gameplay, then here’s a beginner’s guide to using the cheats and console commands integrated in 7 Days to Die.

7 Days to Die Console Commands

Console Commands is basically a tool used for game development and if not used properly, it can “crash” and even corrupt your saved game. Cons aside, it can also be used for great things such as altering game settings, spawning items and controlling time. For admins, it can be used to kick, ban and generally control players on the server.

Entering console commands is usually achieved by pressing the F1 key but it depends on your keyboard. To verify which key brings up the console commands in 7 Days to Die, simply go into the game’s “Options” and jump into “Controls“. From there, you’ll see the right key (in this case, mine is F2).Pressing the appropriate key brings up the console commands and from there, you can input the commands you want. We will first kick off with the basics and after that, we’ll move over to the cool ones.

Debug Mode is one of my “favorite” console commands and typing “DM” without quotes into the command window will enable it, thus allowing you to do some awesome things such as entering god mode, debug menu and other unique stuffs.

Once you enable the Debug Mode in 7 Days to Die, simply press “G” on your keyboard to enter god mode. This will enable you to fly at independent stamina and take no damages. The Debug menu can be accessed by clicking the “Escape” key.
In there, you will see a slew of options including the one that allows you to kill yourself. Aside from that, you can teleport to set coordinates, add some light where your pointer gets and even manipulate time. Pressing “F5” while in debug mode switches you from first-person to third-person view.
Pressing “P freezes your camera and pressing “F7” disables your interface, thus allowing you to make some awesome screenshots. The console commands in 7 Days to Die is essential if you’re looking to spawn every NPC in the game. To bring up this option, simply press “F6“.

Having debug mode activated allows you to quickly teleport around the map. To do this, open your map and hold the “control” button, then right-click on the spot you want to teleport in.

7 Days to Die Cheats

Beside debug mode, you can “spawn” any item currently in 7 Days to Die as well as the ones you can’t craft and to do this, you will need to enter creative mode (also known as cheat mode) by typing “CM” without quotes into the console command. Once enabled, you can access it by pressing “U” on your keyboard.In the menu, you can select as many items as you want and they will be moved to your inventory. Creative mode also gives you the ability to fly and this can be achieved by pressing “H” on your keyboard.

Do note that unlike in Debug menu, this won’t give you stamina and you won’t be immune to damage. Hitting the “Space” key will allow you to go up and pressing “C” will bring you down. To fly faster, you can press and hold shift key. Pressing “Q” will enable God mode too.

Bonus Tips

Beside Debug mode and Creative mode, you can also enter commands directly into the console window. For instance if you are looking to give yourself levels, you can easily type giveselfxp 10000. The bigger the number is, the more experience you get.

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You can also type killall into the command console to kill every NPC around you. So these are the basic cheats and console commands for 7 Days to Die.

You can type help into the command console to access and view the list of available console commands in the game. So go ahead and experiment with them but do that on a fresh server not the one you are already playing on. As of now, there’s no way to access 7 Days to Die Console Commands on PS4.

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