Free GTA 5 Modded Accounts for PS4 & Xbox One Isn’t Worth It

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series is a pretty “nice” game to play and if you have played the previous franchise such as San Andreas, you’d notice that pressing Left, Down, Right, Up and et cetera instantly gives your character a cash bonus which can be used to buy assortment of cars, weapons, armor and other items in-game.

While this is cool, it’s pretty sad to say that GTA 5 doesn’t include any money cheat. There are of course an extensive list of cheat codes that let’s you spawn cars, weapons and more, but when it comes to adding large sums of GTA$, you’d be disappointed to learn that there’s no combinations that can help with that.

This is where GTA 5 modded accounts comes in to play. Rockstar Games may have succeeded in eliminating that single feature which every player find essential, but as they say, there’s always a walkaround to everything in life. With a little cash spent here and there (let’s say 300 dollars or more), you can painlessly get yourself a modded GTA 5 account that includes tons of money, outfits and rank.

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But why spend such an outrageous amount when you can easily earn these stuff by grinding. We do know that players who have squandered all the cash earned from the Diamond Casino Heist are probably looking to “fast-track” their way to riches again but buying a modded GTA 5 account isn’t the best option.

There are risks, tons of ’em but the end result is you are either duped or banned. Now you must be wondering why Rockstar is cracking down on modders. The answer is simple. Whilst fully aware that the virtual stock trading in GTA 5 operates just like real-life stock trade, players who result to mods to add large sums of money are likely to affect stock prices of non-cheating players and this can alter the game’s balance.

Aside from this, Rockstar sell Shark Cards. They’re some sort of premium currency that can be purchased with real money in exchange for in-game currency and/or GTA$. Hence if you purchase a modded GTA 5 account, who’s gonna buy the shark cards?

I’d have friends who have gone through the ordeal of purchasing a modded GTA 5 account. One got scammed and was given a fake login after payment and the other who thought he had hit the jackpot got a permanent ban after using the account for 24 hours. So you see, GTA 5 modded accounts isn’t worth the stress nor money.

For the past few years, we’d seen Take-Two interactive diligently cracking down on mod menu developers and this keeps reminding us that the only way to get tons of money, outfit and rank on GTA 5 is either by grinding or by buying shark cards. Nothing goes for nothing afterall.

Beware of GTA 5 Modded Account Generator

In your quest to find a free GTA 5 modded account, you’re likely to come across services that claim to giveaway or generate a legit account containing money, outfits and rank for you in exchange for partaking in mundane tasks such as completing surveys, watching ad and downloading apps.

They’re all scam and once you decide to complete those surveys, you’d be enriching the pocket of the hackers behind such tools. We strongly urge you to stay clear of any website on the internet that ask you to submit your Rockstar Social Club information in other to get free GTA 5 modded account. is one such site we’re talking about and just like you thought, it’s literally FAKE. So stay clear of it!.

Legit Place to Buy GTA 5 Modded Accounts

Before we round-up, we’d like to unravel some of the legitimate places to buy modded GTA 5 accounts. Do note that this is for folks who are hell-bent on getting a GTA 5 modded account without minding the risks.

  • eBay – We kick-off with one of the largest online marketplace where millions of people mainly buyers and sellers come together to trade almost anything. On eBay, you’d find hundreds of GTA 5 modded accounts and a majority of them are mostly auctioned at a giveaway price.
  • PlayerAuctions – This site prides itself as the leading market for modded GTA 5 accounts and truly, it’s trustworthy. The platform host a plethora of accounts decked with your preferred ranking, cash, outfit, unlocks and levels and they aren’t that costly.
  • Eldorado – If you are looking for a GTA 5 modded accounts for 10 dollars, then we strongly recommend you visit Eldorado. It offers the best price rates as well as a safe buying process that protects buyers from account recovery fraud.

Aside from the aforementioned websites, CriminalModz and IGVault are also legit. You can also find a slew of legitimate sellers on Se7ensins, GatorCheats and more.

Wrapping Up

We have literally run down everything you need to know about GTA 5 modded accounts as well as where to buy them and why not to. We also went further to unmask some of the GTA 5 modded account generators parading themselves as being legit. Overall, play safe and if you’re hell-bent on purchasing one, do ensure they’re modded with stealth menu to avoid easy detection and permanent ban.

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