Saber Simulator Codes 2024: Get Free Rewards Right Now

Saber Simulator Codes abound. So if you are looking to get free coins, crowns, strength and more, then here’s a list of all the new Roblox Saber Simulator codes to redeem right now.

A quick glimpse at Saber Simulator’s stats on Roblox reveals that the game has garnered over 272 Million visits globally with more than 4,000 concurrent players battling it out with each other. Now you must be wondering how it managed to pull up such numbers. Well this is basically due to its fighting mechanics and the challenge it offers.

Saber Simulator gameplay “involves” training your character by swinging your saber and/or sword in other to garner strength. Players can then sell those “strength” for coins once they reach maximum.

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The coins garnered in-game can be used to upgrade characters and also to buy various items such as better savers, classes and DNA for extra storage of strength. Aside from this, players can also purchase auras which can give them buff.

One of Saber Simulator’s strong point is that it offers a safe zone where PVP are disabled and once you go outside the “green area”, you can collect coins and fight other players. Standing on the hill out the safe zone grants you crowns which is yet another currency used in-game.

Saber Simulator brings tons of updates, from new eggs to new egglands and then there’s the new class, new sabers and strength event. The previous update for the game brought support for pets levelling and this feature is still being maintained.

Saber Simulator Codes

Now if you aren’t ready to join the HD Games group for 20% extra coins and other in-game rewards, then here is a list containing all the Saber Simulator codes that can give you coins, crowns, strength and more.

  • weekend – Gives you 20,000 crowns
  • Hearts – Gives you1,400 hearts
  • Valentine – Gives you 300 hearts
  • yippee – Gives you 5,000 crowns
  • oioi – Gives you 7,500 crowns
  • 2020 – Gives you 10,000 crowns
  • xmas – Gives you 200 Candy Corns
  • Vehnix – Gives you 1,000 Crowns
  • Slayer – Gives you 1,000 Crowns
  • Saber – Gives you 1,000 Crowns
  • 5000Followers – Gives you 5,000 Crowns
  • Legend – Gives you 1,000 Crowns
  • ISLANDS – Gives you 1,000 Crowns
  • Beast – Gives you 600 Candy Corn
  • Master3395 – Gives you 500 Candy Corn
  • trickortreat – Gives you 500 Candy Corn
  • Astro – Gives you 100 Candy Corn
  • zarco – Gives you 100 Candy Corn
  • 100M – Gives you 1,000 Crowns
  • MIRRAWRXD – Gives you 500 Crowns
  • straw – Gives you 500 coins
  • calixo – Gives you 500 coins
  • mmistaken – Gives you 999 Strength
  • Airstudio – Gives you 500 coins
  • GOLDEN – Gives you 200 crowns
  • raven – Gives you 500 coins
  • release – Gives you 150 coins
  • defild – Gives you 500 coins
  • subtoaustin – Gives you 500 coins
  • cookie – Gives 500 coins
  • JS – Gives you 500 coins
  • gravy – Gives you 500 coins
  • robzi – Gives you 500 coins
  • razor – Gives you 500 coins
  • mirrorrs – Gives you 10,000 coins
  • HALLOWEEN – Gives you 500 Crowns
  • erick – Gives you 300 Crowns
  • henrydev – Gives you 1,000 Strength
  • prez – Gives you 200 crowns
  • grim – Gives you 50 crowns
  • melihkardes – Gives you 500 coins
  • cookieclix – Gives you 500 coins
  • telanthric – Gives you 500 coins
  • boss – Gives you 1,000 coins as well as 200 crowns

So these are all the Saber Simulatir codes that are currently active. Do note that we will be updating this article with new codes once they are available so endeavour to visit this page often.

How to Redeem the Codes

Similar to every other Roblox games, the steps involve in redeeming codes in Saber Simulator is pretty simple and straightforward. So to get this one going, simply fire up the game and wait till it loads. Now click on the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen and you should see a window pop-up.

Now copy any of the above listed codes and paste it into the box that says Enter Codes Here. Once done, click the Redeem button to get your reward.

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