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How to View Patreon Leak Content for Free

by Henry Emmanuel

Patreon leak content abounds, but finding it can be pretty difficult. So if you’re looking for ways to see Patreon posts for free, then here’s how to view Patreon content without paying a dime.

Patreon is the go-to place for indie developers looking to make a living out of their work. The platform hosts a wide range of content, including visual novel games you’d find interesting.

On Patreon, creators often post exclusive game content, such as cheat codes, early access to releases, and development updates, but these are mostly locked behind a paywall.

Viewing this Patreon content demands you become a patron by paying the monthly subscription fee, but if you aren’t financially stable, here’s how to view Patreon content for free.

How to View Patreon Content for Free

Patreon’s paywall simply can’t be bypassed. The system is designed to protect creators’ content and ensure that subscribers have proper access.

Accessing a specific Patreon post or content locked behind a paywall without making monetary contributions on a recurring basis requires a working Patreon viewer or Patreon unlocker.

While these tools are yet to exist, there are other ways to view Patreon content without paying real world money. So without further delay, here’s how to view Patreon content for free.

Use Kemono.party 

Launched as a public archiver for Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, Discord, SubscribeStar, Gumroad, Fantia and more, Kemono.party is arguably one of the best sites that allows users to view Patreon leak content for free.

With Kemono.party, users can easily access and view a slew of paid Patreon content that has been locked behind a paywall for free. The site doesn’t really host all the paid Patreon content, but you’ll definitely find the content of the most popular creators.

For one thing, most of the leaked Patreon content on Kemono.party comes from patrons who have chosen to share their data with the site.

Hence, when a Patreon creator releases an update, Kemono.party automatically scrapes it through the account of the patron who has given them access.

Albeit legit, one of Kemono.party’s downsides is that users will struggle to find the leaked content of small Patreon creators as there aren’t many subscribers.

However, once you choose to look up the content of a popular Patreon creator, you’ll surely see a dozen results on the website.

The procedure on how to use Kemono.party to view Patreon leak content for free is actually simple, but first, we recommend downloading and installing an ad blocker prior to accessing the site.

Once you are in, simply click on Search from the left pane and then type in the name of the Patreon creator you’re looking to view its content.


In our case, we’ll input NLT, one of Patreon’s most popular game developers and the brain behind Lust Epidemic, The Genesis Order, and Treasure of Nadia.


Once you are presented with the creator’s posts, simply click on the weekly report you’d like to read to access it, and that’s it.


You can now go ahead and download the game’s update and see the latest cheat codes, mods, patches, features, and whatnot.

Kemono.party Alternative

Kemono.party appeals to Patreon users who do not fancy the idea of spending real-world money on virtual content. The site comes in handy by allowing users to view Patreon leak content for free, but it is important to know that its concept is illegal.

Now, if by any chance the site domain is seized in the future, you can easily patronise Kemono.su or any of the Kemono.party alternatives right below.

  • memoryhole.cc (active)
  • yiff.party (discontinued)
  • seiso.party (discontinued)

Search Individual Communities Online

In addition to using Kemono.party, another way to view Patreon leak content for free is by visiting forums or communities dedicated to posting or uploading Patreon visual novel games (F95zone.to is one good example).

There, you will find some users who have already subscribed to a specific creator and are willing to share their content for free. You can either message them privately or go through their posts on the forum to see if they have posted the content you’re looking for.

Wrapping Up 

So these are literally the only ways to view Patreon leak content without paying a dime. Ensure to bookmark and patronise this page, for we’ll soon update it with a legitimate Patreon viewer and/or Patreon unlocker when ready.


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