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Mass Effect Saga (Latest Guide): Complete Gameplay, Tips and Story

by Henry Emmanuel

Mass Effect is a military science fiction media gaming series based on the role-playing shooter category. There are three major titles of the game including the Legendary Edition. Each game can be played from a third-person perspective.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth and latest title. Andromeda came up with a whole new storyline and characters. Besides that, developers also added a lot of exciting elements to the game. That’s why Andromeda is still bringing the heat in the market.

masseffect saga

Why do people like it so much?

Mass Effect Andromeda is quite different from other expansions. The developers added a few brand new elements to make it user interactive. Andromeda is played in real-time which makes it unique. In the previous games, you can pause and play whenever you want but this one has to be played in one go.

Andromeda has both single and multiplayer modes. The story mode can be played in single-player mode while you can participate in cooperative matches with other players in the multiplayer mode.

There are 7 profiles and 3 skill sets in the game. You can unlock each profile by enhancing your current abilities. You can master a particular skill in the training mode. You can upgrade your skill by playing Biotics.

The story behind the game

The original trilogy of Mass Effect revolves around Commander Shepard whose sole purpose is to save the galaxy from Reapers while combating, exploring space, and completing missions.

Mass Effect: Andromeda starts right after the end of Mass Effect 3 where almost 20,000 citizens were sent in a sleeper ship to the Andromeda galaxy. 634 years later, they woke up from a long sleep. Alec Ryder was chosen to find a new home for its citizens. Scott and Sara are the children of Alec.

After a cosmic anomaly, one of the siblings gets into a coma and the communication system also gets knocked out. This leads your chosen Pathfinder and Alec to a Golden World, Habitat 7 and your main game starts from here. (Story automatically adjusts according to your chosen character, Sara and Scott)

How to play Mass Effect: Andromeda?

If you’re a Mass Effect veteran player and about to play Mass Effect: Andromeda for the first time, this guide might help you jump-start your gameplay.

  • New Worlds and Planets: Unlike previous games, all the worlds and planets are much bigger which contains deep exploration.
  • Jump Jets: Your Pathfinder has a special kind of jet attached to his suit which gives flexibility while jumping and hovering. In previous games, Commander Shepard was barely able to jump over an obstacle.
  • Auto-Cover Mechanic: Your Pathfinder whenever finds an object that can help him take cover, he automatically crouches with his weapon out.
  • Ammo and Supply Crates: You won’t find any ammo from corpses. You can find typical ammo from supply crates and other special ones from the Vendor.
  • Scanning: Special Omni-Tool in your hand scans pretty much everything in your path.

Beginners can also follow these few tips to master the game very quickly.

  • Beginners can put their companions to auto-level up. It will save your time and energy learning tons of new abilities.
  • If you want to gain experience points quickly, try to complete missions instead of killing monsters and aliens.
  • Play Biotics to get Singularity ability. This ability gives you a great combo potential.
  • To skip bonus missions and side quests, learn how to Barricade. It is an upgradeable combo primer and effective combat skill.
  • Special ammo types can be bought at low costs from Vendors so don’t waste your space-saving them in your inventory.
  • Whenever you see an NPC or object, always talk to them and scan everything in your path. By doing this, you might get research points that can be used in crafting.

How to use an auto clicker to play Mass Effect: Andromeda?

If you are playing the game on a PC, you have to use keyboards and mouse buttons in order to jump, dodge and shoot. Mostly, the gamers set the left mouse for shooting and keyboard buttons for other movements. Most of the guns in the game are semi-automatic. That’s why you have to click every single time to fire a bullet which can lead you to severe index-finger pain.

Instead of clicking the mouse repeatedly, you can use an auto clicker which is a piece of portable software that simulates mouse clicks. Auto clickers can be easily operated by Hotkey buttons. Most of the auto clickers have the same configuration so you don’t have to worry about choosing one. Just pick one reliable auto clicker like GG Auto clicker or OP Auto clicker and follow these steps.

Step 1: After installing the auto clicker, a small window will appear on your computer screen. The first thing you do is set the click interval which is the delay between two automated clicks. You can set it for milliseconds for quick firing.

Step 2: Set the mouse button to the Left and select Single click type. (Left-hand players can set it to Right)

Step 3: If you have limited ammo, you can set the number of clicks manually from Click Repeat. Otherwise, choose repeat until stopped for non-stop firing.

Step 4: Choose the current location as the clicking location. So wherever your dynamic mouse goes, it clicks on the cursor’s location.

Step 5: Set a Hotkey button that doesn’t match any of the gaming keyboard buttons.

Step 6: Now you can minimize the window and all you have to do is tap the hotkey. Just tilt your mouse for perfect aim and weapons will fire automatically. Whenever you are done, just press the hotkey again to stop.

Final Verdict

Mass Effect is a huge series and Andromeda covers most of the part. Even if you’re a veteran player, you will always find new things while exploring the planets. Multiplayer mode is the cherry on top in this perfect game. You can also use the auto clicker in this mode to show off your skills in the game.


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