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Passion Puzzle Pictures: All Pics and Photos of Mika and More

by Henry Emmanuel

Games like Candy Crush are indeed great but they lack one thing and that is the thrill of romantic conquest. For the young and sensitive, Passion Puzzle isn’t your average puzzle game. It is a fascinating dating sim where players are meant to match not only colored gems but beautiful womens too.

Its gameplay involves matching same colored gems until you run out of moves and the reward for this activity is points and power-ups. But aside from this, Passion Puzzle has a story and it’s worth narrating. The game portrays the player as a tourist on holiday in a coastal city filled with attractive women that aren’t averse to being seduced. From Mary who is sweet and kind to strict Ivy, then there’s Lola the tameless specie and the sophisticated Shantal.

There are literally a slew of women you will meet, stuffs to unlock and tons of adventures to embark on. A handy tip though, Passion Puzzle as a dating sim requires romantic intuition and response. Choosing the right thing to say is a must especially if you want to go on a date.

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A typical YES will be a boring response to some of the questions Emilia and Mika will ask you. So choose your words wisely. In summary, Passion Puzzle is a solid-match three puzzle game that’s worth playing. It brings colorful visuals as well as a plethora number of different levels.

Now assuming you are pressed and probably want to see the pictures of every female characters in Passion Puzzle, then we have got something for you. So without further ado, here are every single Passion Puzzle pictures and/or pics and photos of Emilia, Mika, Yori, Shantal and Ivy.


As a hostess, Mika is probably the first girl you’d encounter in Passion Puzzle and trust me, she’s kinky but hot. The below pictures are a prove to that.



Next up is Emilia, the second girl you’d meet in the game. She is kinda naive but still gorgeous. Below is some of her sultry pics.



When you complete two dates with Emilia in Passion Puzzle, the Hotel gets unlocked and once this is done, you’ll have access to chat with the sophisticated Chantal. Checkout some of her pictures below.



In Passion Puzzle, players can easily unlock Ivy after completing 3 dates with Chantal and by so doing, the NightClub venue gets unlock too. Checkout her pics below.



Aside from upgrades, players can easily purchase a number of girls using the girl packs that are sold within the Passion Puzzle shop and one of the girls you can purchase this way is Yoli whose favorite color is blue. Below is her photos.

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Overall these are all the pictures in Passion Puzzle. You can easily grab or download them for local viewing. One more thing, you can checkout a complete list of all Passion Puzzle Pictures from here. Peace out.

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