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Roblox MIDI Player Script (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Roblox MIDI player script galore. So if you are looking to play MIDI songs on Roblox, then here’s the best Roblox MIDI player script to utilise right now.

Primarily focusing on sound effects and music in formats such as MP3 or WAV, Roblox obviously doesn’t have an official MIDI Player built-in. Hence users looking to play MIDI files within the platform may actually find it difficult or would they?

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Thanks to the newly released Roblox MIDI player script by richie0866, Robloxians looking to play their favourite MIDI songs within the numerous piano games on Roblox can now do so effortlessly and that too for free.

So in this article, we are going to reveal the best and currently working Roblox MIDI player script out there, and then go further to explain how to execute, download, add and play your preferred MIDI file.

Roblox MIDI Player Script

To get this one going, ensure you already have a reliable Roblox exploit and/or script executor installed on your computer.

Next up, double-click to fire up Roblox and lookup your favorite piano game. Once found, click the Play button to open it.


Now go ahead and open any of the Roblox exploit you have installed on your PC and paste the below Roblox MIDI Player script into the provided box.


Once done, click on Attach followed by Execute to bring up the MIDI Player interface.


Find a MIDI Song

With the Piano game minimized, the next step is to download a song in MIDI format. To do this, open Google Chrome and search for your favorite song and add MIDI to it. Example; “Fallen Down by Toby Fox MIDI“. Once found, download the song.

Now go ahead and locate your exploit midi folder using Windows File Explorer and paste the MIDI song you downloaded just now into that location.


For instance, assuming you are running Synapse X script executor, simply open Windows File Explorer and paste the MIDI file in the following directory E:\Desktop\synapse\workspace\midi\PASTE MIDI SONG HERE.

Play Your MIDI Song Within Roblox Piano Game

Once done, head back to Roblox and open the Piano game we minimized earlier. You should see the MIDI song we added just now within the Roblox MIDI player.


Simply select the song and click on the Play icon to start listening to the music.

In conclusion, this is arguably the only working Roblox MIDI player script worth utilizing.


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