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Roblox Music Codes 2020: From Rap to Nightcore

by Henry Emmanuel

For kids of the western world, Roblox is known. It isn’t a game per se but instead a platform that hosts a plethora of games created by its community of players. It’s quite similar to YouTube, but rather than housing user-uploaded videos, it welcomes different type of games with open hands.

To utilize Roblox, children as well as adults can visit the site or download its application on their devices and use it to play a huge catalogue of games created by other users. Social features abound in the platform, but its support for hundreds of thousands of music that can be included in a game makes it totally unique.

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So if you are looking to listen to music on Roblox or to include them in your game, then here are a list of the most popular Roblox music codes specially handpicked for you.

Roblox Music Codes


There are over 2 million music codes for Roblox, some contain songs and/or tracks you haven’t heard before, while others are completely familiar. Now if you’re looking to include a nice music (be it rap or nightcore) in the roblox game you are creating, then here are the best roblox music codes and/or roblox song ids of all time.

God’s Plan 1479998427
Friends 1401278175
Despacito 1341533521
Panda 401059459
Thunder 755156652
Believer 650763116
Havana 1302575647
Summer 60685337
Look at me 425832596
2U 857941026
I like it 2360932493
Darkside 2157761406
Lovely 2183613911
Arms around u 2201082543
Broken 43591163
Blessings 455514322
Falling down 2375621580
Jocelyn flores 1099730877
Panini 3340674075
Murder on my mind 22551926665
Bestie 3088489968
Hope 2452225950
Changes 2542849923
Going Baby 3027637736
Sad 2112177463
A lot 2784162292
Drip to hard 2762547607
Out of luck 3778840083
Hello 214902446
Can’t touch this 1311222314
Sunflower 3183066364
Donuts 1983620104
Lalala 3314604270
Old town road 3183318678
Mixed Personality 2817614766
Without me 2513053758
Moonlight 1678047143
Talk 2880862994
Sauce 1448068147
Wow 2930724233
Thank you, next 2540121335
Worth it 3078797343
Death note 3264922296
Thotiana 263748467
Armed and dangerous 2553381394
Act up 3130684693
Pure water 3437449168
Hearteater 2457193400
My boy 1184543923
Rap God 138081652
Senorita 3370368511
Celebrate 3189989169
Royalty 3497387861
No way 3331410106
Name in the sand 1966458647
All girls are the same 2302455994
West coast 168632426
Dap u up 161775399
Xo tour life 1129292653
Bad guy 3025811673
Earth 3088590811
Closer 513188679
Hate me 3413239852
Copycat 1173506587
World is yours 2893052245
Stitches 396228557
High hopes 2164151618
Bussdown 3449869109
Roses 2491918373
Oh yeah yeah 2778989543
Happier 2521392429
Zeze 2478458270
Run 3442499123
20 min 2363314168
Daddy 3312770216
Rodeo 3341449550
7 rings 2760088433
Girls like you 1973091728
In my feelings 2025027333
I don’t care 3178838244
Into you 422549464
Envy me 2709334529
Forever NCS 2517161219
Ransom 32009000681
Treat you better 536349344
Bury a friend 2801417447
Run it back 3324373478
Alone 639750143
Baby I’m yours 2649314010
Stressed out 392187276
U & I 579278351
Apple ringtone trap 1110520939
Outside 257824846
Why do I 2788046135
Robbery 2904525748
Shotta flow 2768570941
Pop out 2954084831
Hey Julie 2698148141

Using Roblox Music Codes

With the codes now in your hands, it’s time to learn how to use them. To begin with, navigate to roblox and launch the game you want to add music to. Once it loads, access your boombox item and type in the above music codes. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Happy gaming.


Andrewxx1385 March 8, 2020 - 5:06 pm

I can’t seem to find the Rocksan code

Adam April 9, 2020 - 3:30 pm Reply
nnnnnbbuhyyhhyh wfgre,h mntgknthkny April 6, 2020 - 3:00 pm

bc u spelled it wrong it spelled like this Roxanne

Haiden April 9, 2020 - 2:45 pm

you meant roxanne

Haiden April 9, 2020 - 2:45 pm

you mean roxanne


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