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Room Girl Cheats: Money, Stamina and More

by Henry Emmanuel
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Room Girl Cheat galore. So if you are looking to get unlimited money, stamina, happiness and more, below is the best Room Girl Cheat table to utilise right now.

Released in 2022 by the Japanese H-game company Illusion, Room Girl is pretty much a game that appeals mostly to fans who love the “WooHoo” interaction in The Sims Series.

It is a life simulation per se, one whose premise revolves around creating a female character and helping her live her dream life in flourishing city.

Similar to The Sims Series, Room Girl allows players to live the best of their lives virtually and they can do so by visiting different parts of the city and/or places such as casino, clinic, and office whilst interacting with various NPCs going about their businesses.

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In addition to its impressive visuals and customization abilities, Room Girl allows players to import and play characters from games such as Honey Select 2 and AI Syoujyo as residents.

It is an addictive game in and of itself, but assuming you are looking to simplify your gaming experience, we have got the best Room Girl cheat that offers unlimited money, stamina, maximum skill level, stats and more.

Room Girl Cheat

From Stamina to Infinite Money, Happiness and more, there are a plethora of Room Girl cheats designed to help players navigate through the game easily. So without further delay, here is one good Room Girl Cheat table that you can use to make your gameplay easier.

Room Girl Cheat [Download]

How to Activate The Above Room Girl Cheat Table

Prior to activating the Room Girl cheat table above, players will need to employ the services of Cheat Engine. For folks uninformed, Cheat Engine is a tool that allows users to modify the values of a game or application’s memory address in real-time.

The above Room Girl Cheat Engine Table is basically a .CT file that contain codes and instructions that can be loaded into Cheat Engine to automate certain processes, and even unlock hidden features or modify the game in various ways. Here are the steps to activate the above Room Girl Cheat Engine Table:

  • First, download and install Cheat Engine from the official website.
  • Next up, download the Room Girl cheat table from the URL above.
  • Once done, open Room Girl followed by Cheat Engine.
  • On Cheat Engine, click the “Open Process” button in the upper left corner of the window. Select Room Girl from the process list.
  • With that done, click on the “File” menu within Cheat Engine and select “Open.” From here, browse for the Room Girl Cheat Engine Table that you downloaded earlier and select it.
  • The table will load into Cheat Engine, and you should see a list of available cheats or modifications in the table.
  • Enable the cheats or modifications that you want to use by clicking on the boxes next to them. The box will be checked if the cheat or modification is enabled.
  • Return to Room Girl and test the cheats or modifications to see if they work.

Wrapping Up

So this is currently the only working Room Girl Cheat to make use of right now. If by any chance you are in possession of any Room Girl cheat currently unknown, simply use the comment box below to share it and we’ll be sure to pass it to our readers.


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