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Shale Hill Secrets Cheats (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Shale Hill Secrets cheats galore. So if you are looking to unlock all episodes, scenes in gallery and more, here’s all the working Shale Hill Secrets cheats codes to utilize right now.

If you fancy a mystery game with deep lore, Shale Hill Secrets is arguably a must-play. Its gameplay puts you in control of a young guy who stumbled upon a great power that allows him to see into people’s private lives.

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Now in possession of the ability to read minds, your mission will be to help others by revealing who’s trying to hire a hitman whilst developing personal relationships with the bunch of characters in-game.

Shale Hill Secrets is undoubtedly engaging, and it’s filled with lots of mysteries to uncover. Now, while on the quest to find out the real power behind your new found abilities, here’s all the Shale Hill Secrets cheats to help you along the way.

Shale Hill Secrets Cheats

From the ability to replay the Halloween party to unlock all episodes as well as all the scenes in gallery, the below Shale Hill Secrets cheats will definitely come in handy in simplifying your gaming experience.

  • galleryunlock – Unlocks all scenes in the Gallery
  • galleryunlockfree – Unlocks all the free scenes in the Gallery
  • allepisodes – Unlocks all the episodes in-game (For this cheat code to work, first create a new profile and start a new game, then add the cheat code)
  • Unlocksex – Unlocks all the s*x scenes in-game
  • ep5partymenu – Allows you to quickly replay the Halloween party by selecting any companion you want

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Shale Hill Secrets

The steps to enter cheat codes in Shale Hill Secrets is pretty simple and straightforward. So assuming you have already downloaded the game, simply open it and click on the Cheats option directly from the main menu to access the cheat codes sections. From here, type in any of the above cheat codes and select Enter to activate.


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