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Skyrim Console Commands & Cheats: Gold, God Mode, Perks, Give Item and More

by Henry Emmanuel
Forget those bugs, glitches and/or technical issues. Bethesda’s most popular franchise Skyrim is an anti-depressant released to treat the Oblivion and Morrowind disease. Its gameplay revolves around Dovahkiin, the Dragonborn prophesied to save the world from destruction by stopping the ancient threat of dragons led by the sinister villain Alduin.

Skyrim for one thing is a great game with cool storyline. It offers a slew of play-styles, huge world, entertaining quests and most of all beautiful scenery. Mods aside, you can painlessly call-out Skyrim console commands window and enter cheat codes that can add a wide range of perks to the game.

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So if you’re looking for a list of Skyrim console commands that can level up your skills, give you gold, perk points, items and even go further to switch your character to god mode, then here is how to call-out skyrim console commands and the list of cheats and/or commands that are available.

How to Open and Use Skyrim Console Commands

Assuming you are already exploring the world of Tamriel, simply press the tilde ( ~ ) key (for American keyboard) or grave ( ` ) key (for British English keyboard) to bring up skyrim console commands window. They are located just beneath the escape ( ESC ) key or to the left of the one ( 1 ) key.skyrim console commands
With the console command opened, it is time to learn how to use it. So the first thing to bear in mind is that Skyrim console commands aren’t case sensitive. Secondly is that commands such as Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#> doesn’t require you to type in those less than ( < ) or greater than ( > ) and/or ( # ) symbol, instead it should be replaced with something like this Player.AddItem f 200 where “00000f” is the targeted item and “200” is the amount of gold you want to add to your inventory.

To target an object, character and/or item in skyrim, simple ensure the console command is fired up and click on the object itself.

Skyrim Cheats

In this section, we will list all the essential skyrim cheats and/or console commands that can help simplify your gameplay. From enabling God mode to adding lots of gold to your inventory.

  • tgm – Toggles God Mode on / off. Also grants you infinite health, stamina and magicka
  • tim – Toggles Immortal mode on / off. You’d take damage but you won’t die
  • player.additem f 1000 Adds 1000 gold to your inventory.
  • kill – Kills targeted character
  • resurrect – Resurrects targeted character
  • killall – Kills every character nearby
  • player.additem a 1000 – Adds 1000 lockpick
  • tcl – Toggles no-clip or collisons on/off. Allows you to fly, walk through walls and more
  • tai – Toggles artificial intelligence on/off. Characters will not react to you
  • tcai – Toggles combat artificial intelligence on/off. Characters may become hostile but won’t attack
  • showracemenu – Opens up the race menu customizer editor. Can be used to modify the look of your character
  • sw 10e1f2 – Clears snowy weather
  • paycrimegold
  • psb – Gives all spells to your character
  • coc (location) – Teleports you to the designated location
  • saq – Starts every single quests
  • player.advlevel – Forces a level up
  • tmm,1 – Toggles map markers
  • player.setav health (amount) – Sets health to th specified number
  • caqs – Completes all quest stages
  • tfc – Free camera
  • tg – Toggles grass on and off
  • lock – Locks targeted chests, doors and more
  • tfow – Toggles FOW
  • unlock – Unlocks targeted objects
  • tm – Toggles menus, HUD
  • removeallitems – Removes every single items of targeted NPC
  • tdetect – Toggles Artificial Intelligence detection. You won’t get caught stealing
  • movetoqt – Teleports your character to quest target
  • duplicateallitems – Duplicates items such as NPC or target container
  • setownership – Modifies the ownership of target to enable you steal it
  • enableplayercontrols – Enables controls during cinematics
  • advancepclevel – Increases your level
  • advancepcskill (skillname) (amount) – Increases skill level to the specified number
  • setpcfame – Sets targeted character’s fame
  • fov XXX – Chsnges the field of view
  • player.modav dragonsouls – Adds Dragon’s soul to your pool thus allowing you to improve shouts
  • player.setav speedmult 20% – Increases movement speed by 20 percent
  • player.setav stamina 1000 – Sets stamina to the specified number
  • player.placeatme (NPC ID) – Spawns a specified NPC at your location
  • player.setav magicka 1000 – Sets magicka
  • player.setcrimegold (amount) – Sets crime gold to designated number
  • player.IncPCS (skill name) – Increases the level of targeted skill by one
  • player.addperk (ID) – Adds perks based on perk ID, example player.addperk 000c44b8
  • help – Lists all console commands


There are a colossal number of skyrim console commands for PC and most of them can go a long way in helping you simplify your gameplay. The one’s we listed above are only but a few but trust me, they’re highly essential. Overall, utilize the above cheats with care since they might crash your game.

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