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5 Best Starfield Sex Mods

by Henry Emmanuel

Starfield sex mods abound. So if you are looking to add nudity or adult content to the vanilla game, here are the best sex mods for Starfield to install right now.

Starfield is an incredible sci-fi RPG in which players are tasked with picking one of many different backgrounds and joining the Constellation in search of rare artefacts scattered throughout the galaxy.

The game’s most notable aspect is the new universe, and as players explore different planets with bustling cities, they’ll get to join factions, complete quests, engage in space battles, and even meet and recruit a cast of characters.

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One of Starfield’s most intriguing elements is the ability to form bonds with recruited companions through dialogue and sex. Players looking to gain XP boosts can choose to have sex with their love interest, provided they are married, and this has led to many players wondering if there’s a Starfield sex mod available.

The answer is yes. Starfield sex mods exist thanks to the game’s inclusion of romantic elements. So if you are looking to nudify your favourite character or implement adult content to the base game, here are the best Starfield sex mods to install right now.

1. Voluptuous Body for Beauties


Voluptuous Body for Beauties is arguably one of the most popular Starfield sex mods designed to help users overhaul the neutral body proportions for female characters in-game. The mod basically edits the female body mesh, adding a slight or massive increase in the size of the breasts, waist, buttocks, and thighs.


2. Space Girls: NSFW Retextures


Starfield features a colossal number of billboards, advertisements, storefronts, and posters. With the Space Girls: NSFW Retextures mod, users can painlessly replace in-game magazines, ads, posters, paintings, and portrait images withNSFW version.


3. No Bras in Space


No Bras in Space prides itself as the best Starfield nude mod out there on the internet, and it certainly is. What it does is strip those bras off the female characters in-game, giving players a vivid view of their bare bodies. The mod includes hand-made textures as well as a custom nude body mesh.


4. Abandoned in Space: NSFW Replacer


Abandoned in Space is the mod to install if you are looking to theme the Starfield startup screen with nude character images. The mod typically replaces the vanilla images in the game’s main menu, pause menu, and loading screens with beautiful AI-generated NSFW imagery themed in a space environment.


5. Sporty Sexy Sweat


As its name implies, Sporty Sexy Sweat is a unique Starfield sex mod that introduces sweaty, wet bodies for both male and female characters in-game. With this mod installed, your character will have a sexy, glistening wet skin, which will enhance the realism, sexiness, and all the fine details of the skin.


Wrapping Up

So these are undoubtedly the best Starfield sex mods to install right now. If you have any questions or mods to suggest, simply use the comment box below.

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