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The Lodge Cheat Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

The Lodge cheat codes abound. So if you are looking to unlock exclusive scenes or to get plenty of money, here’s all The Lodge cheat codes to utilize right now.

The Lodge by Alezzi is an incredible visual novel in which you play as the owner of a company that specialises in renting lodges.

While working your way up, you will encounter a tonne of customers that will appreciate your companionship, making you spend most of the time with them and opening up new relationships in the process.

The Lodge is definitely interesting, as the goal is literally to uncover the story behind every customer by joining them during their stay.

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The game features multiple choices that can affect the relationships negatively or positively, or even change the story route.

Its art style is definitely the game’s best selling point, and I personally love the fact that the game’s premise takes place in a quiet nature environment surrounded by trees and a lively urban lifestyle.

Now, assuming you are looking to simplify your gaming experience by nabbing an excessive amount of money and other essential items in-game, here are all The Lodge cheat codes to utilise right now.

The Lodge Cheat Codes

Similar to most visual novels, The Lodge features a dozen grinding aspects that tend to discourage most of its players. So assuming you’re looking to unlock the gallery or to get a dozen dollars and whatnot, here are all the Lodge Cheat Codes to make use of.

  • xmas22
  • lullaby
  • bumblebee
  • moonlight

Note: The Lodge cheat codes above are case-sensitive. So ensure to enter them exactly as seen in the cheat system visible in the game’s menu.

Wrapping Up

So these are the lists of all the currently working The Lodge cheat codes to take advantage of. For new cheat codes, ensure to bookmark this page and visit often.

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Allex October 21, 2023 - 11:44 am

how and where to use theos codes i mean in menu cheat off if i click on it it take me to patrone and it does not work


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