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Trials in Tainted Space Cheats Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Trials in Tainted Space cheats abound. So if you are looking to get infinite money or to max character stats, here are all the Trials in Tainted Space cheat codes to utilise right now.

Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS) is a text-based adventure game set in a science fiction universe in which players take on the role of a spaceship captain tasked with exploring the game world, gathering and crafting resources, interacting with various characters, and engaging in space battles with adversaries.

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The game offers a sandbox-style experience in addition to its many storylines, but following its narratives and making decisions that affect the game’s results can be challenging, which is where Trials in Tainted Space cheats come into play.

So, if you want to simplify your gameplay by avoiding the game’s high level of grind, here are all the Trials in Tainted Space cheat codes you can use right now.

Trials in Tainted Space Cheats

Similar to most text-based HTML games, there is a Trials in Tainted Space cheat menu built into the game, and its purpose is to help users edit, modify, or alter the game’s attributes, which include character stats and more.

To access the Trials in Tainted Space cheat menu, simply click thrice on the dot in the “i” text on TiTS and then load a save and select “Options” to access the cheat menu.


For players gaming in the online version of the game in browser windows, opening the Trials in Tainted Space cheat menu can be done using F12 or Control + Shift + i.

With the cheat console opened, simply type in the following commands and replace X with the desired value, and you’ll be good to go. Example: pc.physiqueRaw = 500

  • pc.physiqueRaw = x
  • pc.reflexesRaw = x
  • pc.aimRaw = x
  • pc.intelligenceRaw = x
  • pc.willpowerRaw = x

The above Trials in Tainted Space cheats will increase your physique, reflexes, aim, intelligence, and willpower to the inputted value.

Trials in Tainted Space Cheat Codes

In addition to the TiTS cheat menu, which only works on the Java version of the game, Trials in Tainted Space cheat codes abound; hence, if you are running the Flash version of the game, here are all the Trials in Tainted Space cheat codes to utilise right now.

Treatment Cheat Codes

  • treatment
  • bimbo
  • bull
  • amazon
  • cumcow
  • fauxcow

Other Cheat Codes

  • motherlode: Gives you enough XP to reach the next level
  • 88mph: Passes large amounts of time
  • urta: Enables infinite item
  • poison: Replaces shemale
  • tistheseason: Brings up a menu with a list of special holidays
  • marcopolo: Unlocks all planets
  • laplove: Reverts the game to its previous inclusion of the Lapinara Parasitic Female and Prophylactic
  • beshineforever: Opens the Doctor Badger Cheat Menu
  • insaneinthemembrane: Changes Bess’ name to Runa.
  • mitzi: Allows the player to instantly rescue Mitzi, bypassing the Stellar Tether Dungeon.
  • backinbizzness: Resets Bizzy’s interactions to before the player received her first e-mail
  • doll: Teleports the player to the start of the Kiro Quest dungeon
  • kqvrgoodness: Adds 5 virtual reality programs to the PC’s inventory from or related to Kiro Quest
  • healthdelivery: Summons Bianca if possible
  • anofferyoucantrefuse: Skip to a certain part of Akane’s first quest.
  • clowncar: Allows ship flight with any amount of crew members.
  • anotherbrickinthewall: Gives you 100k Credits
  • UP+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHT: Gives the player 5xZil Ration (Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to do this)
  • party: Starts or resets the Zaibatsu party
  • wargiiandbess: Resets the Siege of the Korg’ii Hold quest progress, along with any progress in Eitan’s relationship
  • nastiness: Resets the Nastizia event chain to Pre-invite.

Trials in Tainted Space Dev Codes

The Trials in Tainted Space developer codes we are about to share below may break saves and/or quests. We recommend using them only if you are experienced.

  • impluse: Brings up the Impulse menu for scene ID.
  • idclev: Brings up the idclev menu for teleportation by room ID.
  • f*ckyou: Toggles debug mode. Replace * with u.

Trials in Tainted Space Exploits cheat codes

If you are looking to exploit certain events, items, or characters in-game to Captain Steele advantage, simply use the Trials in Tainted Space exploit cheat codes below.

  • Dr.Lash: With this exploit cheat code activated, defeating Dr.Lash in combat will earn Captain Steele 999999 credits and a significant amount of XP.
  • Syri Infinite Intelligence Gain: Holding down the 1 button during Syri’s morning menu causes continuous slow intelligence gain. When combined with ClearYu, it can also give you Reflex, Aim, and Libido at the cost of Taint.
  • Blackjack free money: This exploit cheat code allows you to acquire high amounts of credits quickly and with no risk when you place a custom bet up to your entire wallet balance in the Treasure Nova casino on Zheng Shi.

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Trials in Tainted Space

The above Trials in Tainted Space cheat codes can be entered in the Codex console under Options. Simply use your keyboard to directly type the codes at any time while playing the game.

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