A Town Uncovered Cheat Codes (2024)

A Town Uncovered cheat codes galore. So if you are looking to unlock items in-game, here is all the active cheat codes for A Town Uncovered.

A Town Uncovered is a dating-sim visual novel created by Geeseki’s for Windows, macOS, and Android devices. Its gameplay task players to take on the role of a senior high school student who is simply trying to survive his final years of adolescence after stumbling into a parallel reality where engaging in immoral activities in public is considered normal.

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As the player, your objective will be to explore the town and meet other characters with different unique personality. You can easily make friends with them and have romantic relationships. Now assuming you are looking to level up your attributes without completing activities, we have got below all the active A Town Uncovered cheat codes to utilize right now.

A Town Uncovered Cheat Codes

A Town Uncovered is frequently updated, with each version bringing with it new cheat codes capable of unlocking certain items in-game. Now without beating around the bush, here is a list of all the A Town Uncovered cheat codes to use right now.

  • Cheat code for v0.46: hadesverse
  • Cheat Code for v0.45: cheeseandmac
  • Cheat code for v0.43: speedskate
  • Cheat code for v0.40a: weirditems
  • Cheat code for v0.39: sourjournal
  • Cheat code for v0.38b: diditmove
  • Cheat code for v0.37: wrapitup
  • Cheat code for v0.36a: hellfired and tookfirst
  • Cheat code for v35b: hellsfired
  • Cheat code for v0.34a: stickmentos
  • Cheat code for v33b: gooptruckin
  • Cheat code for v32b: barelybear
  • Cheat code for v31a: carrymaria
  • Cheat code for v0.30c: pumpkinsplice
  • Cheat code for v0.29a: smokeyribage
  • Cheat code for v0.28a: earthonlife
  • Cheat code for v0.27a: sanicrans
  • Cheat code for v0.26a: walkingsim
  • Cheat code for v0.25a: serialclown
  • Cheat code for v0.24c: cantmimicit
  • Cheat code for v0.23c: juniorpest
  • Cheat code for v0.22a: juniorpest
  • Cheat code for v0.22b: mozziefly
  • Cheat code for v0.21a: gunslinger
  • Cheat code for v0.20b: wordedpipe
  • Cheat code for v0.18c: staticfour

How to Activate Cheat Codes in A Town Uncovered

There is only but one way to activate cheat codes in A Town Uncovered. So to get this one going;

  • Head over to your bedroom and click on the computer.
  • A window will pop-up, click on cheatcode (below trashbin).
  • That is it. You can now enter any of the cheat codes listed above depending on your game version and hit Enter to activate.

Once your cheat code is activated, you should see a green mark under Toggle Cheats. If it is red, click to enable it.

How to Use Cheat Codes in A Town Uncovered

To use cheat codes in A Town Uncovered, simply start by accessing the cheats menu by clicking on the Phone icon located at the upper left corner of the screen.

Note: If you can’t find the phone icon, simply complete the first two objectives which includes waking up Jane and talking with Mr & Mrs Smith.

Once inside the cheats menu, you can decrease or increase your Contacts and Skills levels using the on-screen arrows.

For Contacts: Increase the level to 10, and do the same with new contacts in the future.

For Skills: Select No Skill Limit, and then maximize all of your skills (Intelligence, Charisma, Strength, Stamina and Luck).

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