Adventurer Trainer Cheat Codes (2024)

Adventurer Trainer cheats abound. So if you are looking to get infinite gold, or to unlock all scenes, here’s all the Adventurer Trainer cheat codes to utilize right now.

Adventurer Trainer is a Konosuba-inspired fan-made dating sim/visual novel featuring RPG elements. Its premise is set in a fictional universe where players assume the role of the protagonist, Kazuma, tasked with embarking on thrilling adventures.

During gameplay, players can choose to work at the guild, go fishing, solve mysteries, and even spend time with various characters in-game.

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Adventure Trainer also features a jRPG-like combat system and dungeon crawling elements. Players can easily choose to equip better weapons and armour and hunt monsters to their hearts’ content.

In addition to its high-quality animations and anime art style, Adventurer Trainer features a tonne of mini-games designed to help players level up faster.

However, if you are low on money or simply looking to skip the hassles of grinding, here are all the Adventurer Trainer cheat codes to utilise right now.

Adventurer Trainer Cheat Codes

Similar to most visual novels out there on the web, Adventurer Trainer cheats abound, and they exist to make life easier. So if you are looking to get an excessive amount of gold, set your character level, and more, here are all the available Adventurer Trainer Cheats to make use of.

  • clearinventory: removes all items from your inventory.
  • giveitem id: Gives you a specific item. Example: giveitem manapotion

Item IDs includes: healthpotion, picklepotion, balancedsword, chunchunmaru, manapotion, genericgift

  • gold N – gives you gold, where N is the desired number. Example: gold 9999999
  • setlevel N – Sets your character level to N. Example: setlevel 5
  • addaffection name N – Adds N affection to a character. Example; addaffection love 10
  • unlockgallery – Unlocks all scenes in the gallery

Note: The Adventurer Trainer cheat codes above only work on v0.1.5. If you have the latest version of the game installed, simply know that its cheat console has been removed in favour of a cheat menu, and the access code to this is sadly only available to Patrons.

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Adventurer Trainer

To enter cheat codes in Adventurer Trainer, simply open the game and go to Your Room (Kazuma’s room). From here, click on the “Write a journal” option, then type in the cheat codes listed above into the provided box.

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