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Animal Jam Codes: Free Membership, Sapphire (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Looking to get free gems, diamonds, pets, sapphire and/or free membership? Then here’s all the currently active Animal Jam Codes to redeem right now.

Animal Jam’s theme is quite a great choice for little kids. It’s the game to play during leisure and one of the most entertaining locations to visit during gameplay is your den – a lair that you can customize using hundreds of items found in-game.

As enormous as it can be, Animal Jam comes chock-full of secrets and places to discover. From conversing with other players to playing mini-games of all stripes, the game is fully buoyant and as you’d expect, the latter rewards you gems and other decorative items for each activities completed.

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Animal Jam is basically a casual MMO where instead of virtual human avatar, players are allowed to choose and suit up animals such as rabbit, wolf, monkey etc. Now if you’re looking to bag yourself some good in-game resources without grinding, then we’ve got you covered.

So without further ado, here’s a list of all the currently active animal jam codes for sapphire, gems, free membership, pets, diamonds and more.

Animal Jam Codes for Sapphire and More

There are a plethora of Animal Jam codes meant to award players a variety of items once redeemed. From the ever popular newyearjam which awards players 1,000 gems to moviebytes, it’s sad to say that a slew of them are Passé. Fortunately, we came up with a coherent list housing all the currently active animal jam codes. Here they are;

  • slowsloth – Gives you 750 gems
  • sneakycougar – Gives you 750 gems
  • adorableotter – Gives you 750 gems
  • funnyfox – Gives you 750 gems
  • fuzzytiger – Gives you 750 gems
  • cheerycheetah – Gives you 750 gems
  • swiftdeer – Gives you 750 gems
  • livelylynx – Gives you 750 gems
  • playfulpanda – Gives you 750 gems
  • wiseowl – Gives you 750 gems
  • poshpig – Gives you 750 gems
  • clevercoyote – Gives you 750 gems
  • fastfalcon750 – Gives you 750 gems
  • wileywolf – Gives you 750 gems
  • luckyllama – Gives you 750 gems
  • quickhorse – Gives you 750 gems
  • billygoat – Gives you 750 gems
  • touchytoucan – Gives you 750 gems
  • dashingdolphin – Gives you 750 gems
  • lovablelemur – Gives you 750 gems
  • loudlion – Gives you 750 gems
  • sillyseal – Gives you 750 gems
  • supersheep – Gives you 750 gems
  • curiousraccoon – Gives you 750 gems
  • cuddlykoala – Gives you 750 gems
  • happyhyena – Gives you 750 gems
  • jammerjoey – Gives you 750 gems
  • coolpolarbear – Gives you 750 gems
  • snowyleopard – Gives you 750 gems
  • classicbday10 – Gives you the 10th birthday cake

So these are all the animal jam codes to redeem right now. Do note that if redeemed successfully, you’ll get a total of 21,750 gems for free.

How to Redeem Codes in Animal Jam

Here, we won’t bore you with talks since the steps involve in redeeming codes in Animal Jam is pretty simple and straightforward. So if you are already eager to get your reward, simply go to www.animaljam.com/redeem and enter any of the codes listed above. Do ensure to type them exactly as written above.


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Comander February 17, 2022 - 1:22 am

What are some sapphire codes? You didn’t say anything about them.

komodo September 4, 2021 - 11:49 am

this has nothing to do with membership or sapphires >:(


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