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Aphrodisia Cheat Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Aphrodisia cheat codes galore. So if you are looking to get free money, charisma, reputation, energy, arche, and more, here’s all the Aphrodisia cheat codes to utilize right now.

If you are familiar with Twine, the open-source tool used for creating interactive fiction with zero programming knowledge, chances are, you have come across Aphrodisia, one of the best visual novel games developed using the same tool.

In Aphrodisia, you play as a young man who’s literally not good in school nor at his place of work. Having choosen to live the boring life, you soon encounter a magical creature that was able to grant you special powers.

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With this new found ability, you will have to explore the game’s vast world, interacting with a variety of characters whilst hoping to discover your hidden vocation.

For one thing, Aphrodisia is an interesting visual novel, but it features a ton of grinding elements that tend to discourage even the most patient of all. This is where Aphrodisia cheat codes comes in to play.

So assuming you are looking to get dozens of charisma, money, stats energy, reputation, and more without progressing much in-game, here are all the Aphrodisia cheat codes worth utilizing right now.

Aphrodisia Cheat Codes

Albeit new, there are a ton of Aphrodisia cheat codes that you can use to simplify your gaming experience. So without beating around the bush, here’s a list of all the avaliable Aphrodisia cheat codes to make use of.

  • STATS ENERGY: zeusrules
  • ARCHE: weedforlife
  • CHARISMA: prettyboy
  • DOMINANCE: theconqueror
  • FITNESS: gigachad
  • INTELLIGENCE: bookworm
  • REPUTATION: famousdi*k (Replace * with c)
  • MONEY: fu*kingrich (Replace * with c)
  • CALLINGS ENERGY: fullycharged
  • CALMNESS: oceanman
  • PSYCHIC: thehypnotist
  • INVISIBILITY: johncena
  • LUCK: fourleafclover
  • LUST: hornysia
  • RAGE: mesoangry
  • TRANSMUTATION: alakazam
  • TIME: stophammertime
  • TRANSLOCATION: nowyouseeme

Note: The Aphrodisia cheat codes above are case-sensitive. So ensure to enter them exactly as seen in the cheat system visible in the game’s menu.

Wrapping Up

So these are the lists of all the currently working Aphrodisia cheat codes to take advantage of. For new cheat codes, ensure to bookmark this page and visit often.


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