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5 Best Atomic Heart Sex Mods

by Henry Emmanuel

Atomic Heart sex mod abound. So if you’re looking to unclad the two female robot twins, here are the best Atomic Heart sex mods to utilize right now.

The two female Robot Twins in Atomic Heart are to Mundfish what Lady Dimitrescu is to Capcom’s Resident Evil Village. The two female robots, named Left and Right, respectively, are dressed in traditional Soviet schoolgirl uniforms and are known for their agile and aggressive attack patterns.

They are physically attractive per se, but players will be disappointed to learn that Atomic Heart features zero romance options or scenes. This is where our Atomic Heart sex mod comes into play. So if you are looking to undress both female robotic twins, here are the best Atomic Heart sex mods to utilise right now.

What Is Atomic Heart?

Featuring a mix of sci-fi, horror, and action elements, Atomic Heart is an action-packed first-person shooter set in an alternate universe during the height of the Soviet Union era.

Its gameplay challenges players to take on the role of a Soviet KGB officer who is sent to investigate a top-secret dark research facility that houses hostile creatures, humanoid robots, and other bizarre phenomena.

The game’s main objective involves exploring Facility 3826, solving puzzles, uncovering the truth behind the experiment conducted there, and confronting powerful and dangerous enemies.

In addition to its futuristic and grotesque visuals, Atomic Heart features intense combat sequences, but the game’s main charisma is in the two female robot twins that serve as personal security to the head roboticist, Dmitry Sechenov.

Equipped with lethal state-of-the-art technology, not much is known about the two female robots, but you might as well sexualize them with the aid of third-party mods. So without further delay, here are the best Atomic Heart sex mods to install right now.

1. NSFW Nude Twins


Created by the modder dmgvol, NSFW Nude Twins is arguably one of the most popular Atomic Heart sex mods to install right now. In addition to its nude version, which comes with a sexy tattoo, NSFW Nude Twins also features a non-nude version that adorns the female robotic twins with a red swimsuit and eliminates the tattoo.


2. Demi Perv Bot


Demi Perv Bot by Skull198 may not be a fully-fledged Atomic Heart sex mod (since a nude version is yet to be included), but it is literally worth mentioning. The mod typically replaces the moustachioed perv bot VOV-A6 with Demi from Subverse.


3. NSFW Twins Left/Right


NSFW Twins Left/Right by Lagglemchamner is simply one of my favourite Atomic Heart sex mods. It literally covers the two robotic twins with a transparent mask that reveals their bodies.


4. Tartan Swimsuit Twins


Tartan Swimsuit Twins by Dmgvol is yet another Atomic Heart sex mod worth installing right now. It literally adorns the two female robotic twins with a red swimsuit that looks absolutely gorgeous.


5. NSFW Nude Balerina Twins


Created by the modder Kaito, NSFW Nude Balerina Twins pride themselves on being the greatest Atomic Heart sex mod ever. It typically unclads the two female robotic twins, giving players a glimpse of their full, bare chests.


Wrapping Up

So these are the best Atomic Heart sex mods out there. If you are aware of any other Atomic Heart nude mod worth mentioning, simply use the comment box below to unravel it.


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