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Bee Swarm Simulator Codes for Eggs, Tickets and More (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes abound. So if you are looking to get free eggs, honey, tickets and more, then here are all the active Bee Swarm Simulator codes worth redeeming right now.

There are over 40 million games on Roblox and while most of them are considered to be trash, Onett’s Bee Swarm Simulator sure isn’t. It’s at its core an online multiplayer game that takes a completely different approach.

Its gameplay is unlike the violent gun shooting and treasure hunting games we are all used to. The main goal of the game is to hatch bees in other to make a swarm but aside from this, you can easily collect pollen and use them to make honey.

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Featuring a good-looking graphics as well as intuitive controls, one of Bee Swarm Simulator’s strong point is that it offers a little bit of adventures. Growing your hive to grow larger and larger isn’t the only activity you do be tasked to do, as you can explore the mountain with your bees and use them to defeat defeat dangerous bugs and monsters.

Each bees in Bee Swarm Simulator comes with its own traits and personalities and they’d help you discover hidden treasures hidden around the map. Now assuming the rewards you get from the quests issued by the friendly bears aren’t enough, then here are all the Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes for eggs, tickets and more.

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

The promo codes feature in Bee Swarm Simulator was implemented in May 2018. They’re basically a group of texts that reward players with various prizes such as honey, tickets and more once redeemed. So to get this one going, below are a list of currently active Bee Swarm Simulator codes.

  • Mocito100T – Gives you a Stingers, Gumdrops, Coconuts, Inspire, Coconut Field Boost and Coconut Field Capacity
  • RedMarket – Gives you a Pepper Patch Boost, Pepper Patch Capacity and a Pepper Patch Market Boost
  • Cubly – Gives you a Bumble Bee Jelly, 10 Bitterberry, Micro-Converter and 1 hour Capacity Code buff
  • PineappleParty – Gives you 15 Pineapples, 1 Tropical Drink, Marshmallow Bee buff, Capacity Code buff, 3 Pineapple Patch Boost, Pineapple Patch Capacity Boost and Pineapple Patch Market Boost
  • Buoyant – Gives you 15 Blueberries, Blue Extract buff, Capacity Code buff, 3 Blue Flower Boost, Blue Flower Field Capacity Boost and Blue Flower Field Market Boost
  • Valentine – Gives you 25 Strawberries, Baby Love Buff, Red Extract Buff, 3 Rose Field Boost and Rose Field Capacity Boost
  • BigBag – Gives you Capacity Code buff
  • Market – Gives you 10 Bitterberries, Pollen Boost, Pineapple Patch Market Boost and Sunflower Field Market Boost
  • Teespring – Gives you 1 Marshmallow Bee, 3 Bamboo Field Boost and also 3 Bamboo Field Winds
  • 4MilMembers – Gives you 1 Royal Jelly, 4 Field Dice, 4 Micro-Converter, 1 Clover Field Boost, 4 Clover Field Winds and a Mother Bear Morph
  • Tornado – Gives you 1 Cloud Vial, 3 Jelly Beans and 1 Royal Jelly
  • Gumaden10T – Gives you 1 Pepper Patch Boost, 3 Pepper Patch Winds, 1 Coconut Field Boost, 3 Coconut Field Winds, 2 Blue Flower Field Boost, 3 Blue Flower Field Winds, a Cloud Vial and 15 Pineapples
  • BeesBuzz123 – Gives you 1 Cloud Vial, 3 Jelly Beans x3 and 5 Gumdrops
  • Discord100k – Gives you a Marshmallow Bee Buff, 3 Rose Field Boost, 3 Pine Tree Forest Boost, 3 Spider Field Boost, 3 Jelly Beans, 3 Gumdrops, 3 Moon Charm and 3 Tickets
  • 500mil – Gives you 5 Field Dice, 5 Gumdrops, 5 Jelly Beans, 5 Wealth Clock, 1h Conversion Boost, 2 Stump Field Boost, 3 Bamboo Field Boost and a Science Bear Morph
  • Marshmallow – Gives you a Marshmallow Bee and 1h Conversion Boost
  • ClubConverters – Gives you 10 Micro-Converters
  • Sure – Gives you 30 minute Conversion Boost, 3 Dandelion Field Boost and 2,500 Honey
  • GumDropsForScience – Gives you 15 Gumdrop
  • SecretProfileCode – Gives you an Ant Pass, Shocked Bee Jelly, Oil Buff, Glue Buff and Enzymes Buff
  • ClubBean – Gives you a Magic Bean and 2 Pineapple Patch Boost
  • Wink – Gives you 5 Ticket, 5,000 Honey, 7 Dandelion Field Boost and Haste
  • 38217 – Gives you 5 Ticket
  • Buzz – Gives you 5,000 Honey
  • Bopmaster – Gives you 5 Ticket
  • Cog – Gives you 5 Ticket
  • Wax – Gives you 5 Tickets and 5,000 Honey
  • Roof – Gives you 5 Tickets
  • Nectar – Gives you 5,000 Honey
  • Connoisseur – Gives you 5 Ticket
  • Crawlers – Gives you 5 Ticket

So these are the list of working Bee Swarm Simulator codes. Do note that they aren’t case sensitive and can only be redeemed once.

How to Redeem


The steps involved in redeeming Bee Swarm Simulator Codes is pretty straightforward. So to get this one going, start by firing up the game and directly from the main menu, click on the Settings Gear icon visible at the top left corner of the screen.

Now go ahead and enter the above listed codes into the “Enter Code” box and click the redeem button to get your reward.

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lashawn April 19, 2021 - 1:54 am

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jamil771 July 20, 2020 - 6:40 pm

the code is cubly

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ok code ,DancingTeddyBear432
that’s it

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put a code the gave the best egg in the game


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