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Loud Bypassed Roblox ID (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Roblox bypassed audios galore. So if you’re looking to add music to your game or to play any of your favourite songs whilst gaming on the platform, then here’s a list of all the loud bypassed Roblox ID to utilize right now.

Ever joined a place on Roblox only to see some person with a Boombox playing loud music (usually rap) with swear words? If yes, then you have just listened to what is called bypassed audio. Bizarre right? I know you’d think that. In this article, we are going to explain what Roblox bypassed audios are and then we’ll go further to list the IDs of the extremely loud ones.

In a bit to offer developers ways to make their games immersive and dynamic, Roblox introduced an audio marketplace where players can easily go to to select a song to add to their games as background music.

From the ever popular Old Town Road to Hit or Miss, Panini and more, its huge library of audios is pretty amazing and they can go a long way to set the atmosphere for different scenes.


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The plethora number of licensed music on Roblox can go as far as liveling up your gameplay and can even add realism to the in-game world. But in as much as they sound cool, there are players who prefer loud music with profanities and this is where the frequently searched bypassed Roblox ID comes in to play.

For the uninformed, they are some sort of loud, chaotic and profanity-laden rap that’s full of frantic sound effects and are often cracked down on by Roblox moderators and as such difficult to find.

But do not be disappointed for we have got a slew of Roblox bypassed audios, thanks to the unique strings and/or numbers attached to them. So without further ado, here’s a list of the best and loud bypassed Roblox ID to add to your game or listen to right now.


Audio Name Codes
Fall 6927655476
20Min 6751213328
The Race 6806559960
Xxxanax 6813407743
Take a Step Back 6841256087
Gangsta Gangsta 6950439715
Joey Trap Sesame Street 6902071257
Zaza 6902174188
Easy E 6858978754
Subway Se*ist 6858944107
When The World Ends 6372629332
Genocide PT 3 6838679101
Genocide PT 4 6763072398
Genocide PT 5 6754831574
Drink My Pi** You Nasty 6808895774
Miss The Rage 6813521463
Shotgun Willy Master Sword 6858998319
Shotgun Will Oreo 6833821765
D Rose 6750452932
Vamp Anthem 6807211183
Magnolia 6769960024
Gankin Lamez 6822281365

Here’s Some More

  • 6899698980
  • 6925784874
  • 6840604767
  • 6932702419
  • 6864185619
  • 6913834956
  • 6927729595
  • 6829707475
  • 6834639251
  • 6774872756
  • 6872027090
  • 6841256087
  • 6796974408
  • 6938430999
  • 6942829110
  • 6927364868
  • 6762971156
  • 6852999211
  • 6889326215
  • 6911963971
  • 6775579667
  • 4799047800
  • 6835363176
  • 6921062543

How to Use Bypassed Roblox ID

Prior to utilizing the above listed bypassed Roblox ID, players will need to purchase and equip any of the Boombox item on sale. For the uninformed, they are a type of virtual radio or digital music player and the cheapest amongst them all sells for R$250.

Now assuming you have already bought one, simply “jump” into your inventory and equip it. Once done, it should appear either on your avatar’s hand or shoulder.

Now go ahead and enter a game world that offers supports for the boombox item. In there, click to select the Boombox item and this will reveal a prompt which will ask you to input a Boombox code.


Without hesitating, copy any of the loud bypassed Roblox ID listed above and paste it into the provided and/or empty pop-up text box. Once done, hit the Play button and you’ll be good to go.

Wrapping Up

So this is the list of all the loud bypassed Roblox ID worth listening to right now. Albeit inappropriate, they’re pretty entertaining and can be considered more energetic compared to the generic music loitered all over the Roblox audio library. Overall, happy gaming.


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