Call of Duty Mobile Hack: Aimbot, Wallhack and More (2024)

COD Mobile hack galore. So if you are looking to enable Aimbot, Wallhack and more, then here’s how to hack Call of Duty Mobile.

Activision never seems to run out of ideas when developing one of its biggest franchise. While we have seen several series of the same game released thus so far on PC and Console, Call Of Duty Mobile is actually the company’s first attempt to bring the COD saga on Android and iOS and it is arguably the best multiplayer first-person shooter to play right now.

At the very least, the game task players to take part in team-based combats in several different game modes including Deathmatch, Frontline, etc. One of its main allurement aside from the astonishing graphics it offers is that it brings even the most iconic characters from the COD universe and you can collect and even customize their loadout to any preference.

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But despite bringing intuitive and fully customizable controls, Call Of Duty Mobile still suffers from user-friendliness and this is where hacks comes in to play. At the very least, you can easily cheat in the game and possibly win every match by using various hacks that enables you to trigger Aimbot, Wallhack and more.

Now assuming you do not have too many scruples and can possibly keep your nerves when it comes to cheating in video games, then here’s the best and currently working Call of Duty Mobile hack to utilize right now.

A Word Of Advice

Before we proceed any further, it is worth noting that COD Mobile has zero tolerance for players looking to cheat in the game. In a bit to combat the sudden surge of cheaters in its server, they have developed some sort of anti-cheat program that automatically bans any player caught in the act of cheating.

Hence when you utilize any kind of cheat software to simplify the gameplay, you’d risk getting your account banned. Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid getting your account terminated whilst using hacks in Call of Duty Mobile and we’re going to explain it below… so read on.

Call Of Duty Mobile Hack

COD Mobile is a very challenging game to play and as someone with rudimentary skills, you’d find it difficult handling even the most basic controls. Now assuming you are looking to compensate for your incompetence, then below is a list of all the features included in the Call of Duty Mobile hack we are about to share below.


From the unordered list above, you will notice that there are some top COD Mobile hacks that are already popular. The Aimbot hack also known as Auto-aim is quite ubiquitous and what it does once enabled is that it automatically zeros in on any enemies, thereby allowing you to perform an instant headshot.

The less recoil as its name suggests typically makes your gun have little or no recoil while the Wallhack let’s you see players hiding through walls. There’s also the Radar hack which enables you to see all players position via the minimap. The rest are pretty self-explanatory.

Now here’s how to hack Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Hack COD Mobile

Hacking COD Mobile for feature such as Fast Scope, Aimbot, Wallhack, Less Recoil, Radar hack and more is pretty simple and/or straightforward since the whole step involves installing a modified version of the vanilla game. However prior to getting into the how to thing, there’s a preventive measure worth taking in other not to risk your account getting banned. So let’s get started.

Install a VPN

Yes you heard that right. Assuming you do not want to create a completely new account just to cheat in COD Mobile, then one way to avoid getting your main account banned is by using a reliable and secure Virtual Private Network.

For this guide, we are recommending VPN Super since it enhances your online privacy and enable you to safely and anonymously play COD Mobile with ease. So go ahead and install it from the Google Play Store and ensure it’s connected.

Rename the Obb of COD Mobile

Now assuming you have already installed Call of Duty Mobile from the Google Play Store, simply fire up your device’s File Manager then navigate your way to the internal storage and jump into Android/obb/

In there, simply rename the folder with the name “com.activision.callofduty.shooter” to something else. We suggest adding a prefix or preferably q suffix to make things easier. Example;




Once you are done, hit Ok to save your changes and then head back to the home screen and delete the APK of Call of Duty Mobile.

Install COD Mobile Hack APK

Now it is time for the real thing. So for this guide, we have got two different COD Mobile hack and they’re literally the best Mod Menu we have come across so far. So without beating around the bush, simply download any of the Call of Duty Mobile hack APK listed below.

Once downloaded, simply install the one you prefer. We recommended testing out that of Sami Gaming first before diving in to see what GKKMods menu has to offer.

Revert COD Mobile OBB to Original

Once you have successfully installed the Call of Duty Mobile hack APK shared above, simply head back to your device file manager and then under Android/obb, remove the prefix/suffix you previously added to the folder “com.activision.callofduty.shooter

Once that’s done, save your changes and fire up the game. Now whilst in-game, simply call-out the Mod Menu and toggle all the hacks you need for simplified gameplay.

Wrapping Up

So this is literally the best Call of Duty Mobile Hack worth utilizing right now. Do notify us if you encounter any issue and we’ll help you in any way that we can. Till then, happy gaming!.

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