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Club Penguin Online Codes – Free Coins, Clothes

by Henry Emmanuel

If stardew valley thought me how to live the best of my life, then club penguin is the brain behind my social interaction skills. I’d remember those days, when we all used to meet up at club penguin official site after school and there, we took turns dressing up our penguins for virtual dates while harassing each other.

We did threw snowballs, made hearts and cheated on one another by going to other player’s igloos. Oh! how fun and hillarious those activities where. For folks uninformed, club penguin is a multiplayer online game where you as the player is depicted as a penguin. Your mission in the game will mainly be to complete mini games which in turn earns you coins that can be used to buy pets, clothes and other items needed for decorating your igloos.

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One thing that makes Club Penguin stand out is the chat system, a play ground where players can interact with one another. To be sincere, club penguin is the childhood of many teens. Its ultimate safe chat mode programmed to ban players making offending comments thought a lot of kids manners and equally gave them a dose of thrilling adventures.

Club Penguin Online Codes

club-penguin-online-codesFollowing Club Penguin shut down, a  fan remake similar to the original game spawned, and it’s called Club Penguin Online. One thing about this unofficial version is that it brings an unlock items online feature which allows players to obtain items by entering a series of codes in the Treasure Book. So if you’re looking to earn free coins, costumes and other rewards, then here are the best club penguin online codes and/or Club Penguin codes that are still active.

BOXCRITTERS – Gives you a Box Critter Pin, Australian Hat and 2,500 Coins

GOLDSEMPIRE – Gives you a Golden Shield, Gold Letterman Jacket and Gold Scuba Tank

GRADUATION – Gives you a Graduation Cap and 3,000 Coins

DARKWARRIORS – Gives you a Dark Electric Guitar, Black Face Paint, Black Roman Helmet and Black Hockey Jersey

ICEWARRIORS – Gives you a Light Blue Face Paint, Silver Roman Helmet and Light Blue Hockey Jersery

NWARMYCP0 – Gives you a Hiking Backpack, Stealth Tracker and TIE Fighter Pilot Costume

7MILLION – Gives you 2,500 coins and 4 items

SWATOFCP – Gives you Snowboard helmet, Red Scuba Tank and Reed night vision goggles

KINGANDQUEEN – Gives you 5,000 coins

STPATRICKS – Gives you 2,500 coins as well as Shamrock and Leprechuan Tuxedo

DISCORD200K – Gives you 5,000 coins alongside Flit Hoodie, Cozy Blue Scarf, Discord Pin, Yellow Designer Scarf and Red Ski Goggles

PIRATES – Gives you 1,000 coins and Parrot, Pirate Boots, Thunder Blade, Black and red Sailor Shirt, Tricorn Hat, and Treasure Map Background.

TEAMTREES – Gives you 2,500 coins, knotted recycle t-shirt, new player background, tree costume and green recycle shirt

ROBSTIXCPO – Gives you 2,500 coins and a Roblox pin as well as hoodie.

ANNIVERSARY2 – Gives you 2,500 coins, 2nd Anniversary Shirt, 2nd Anniversary Sweater and also 2nd Anniversary Lei

HALLOWEEN19 – Gives you 2,500 coins, a spooky jacket and scarf and a pumpkin mp3000

PRLB3ZFJZ – Gives you 2,000 coins

BIRTHDAYGIRL – Gives you 5,000 coins, a bunch of balloons, kiwi costume and happy birthday hat

4MILLION – Gives you 4 million lei and 2,500 coins

YOUTUBE1K – Gives you 2,500 coins, black 3D glasses, blue trendy top, headphones and stripped fedora

TWITTER50K – Gives you a twitter hoodie and 2,500 coins

KIWIICPO – Gives you 5,000 coins, a kiwi sneakers, costume, purse and background

NEWYEAR2019 – Gives you an inflatable duck, brown fedora, keytar, fellow raincoat, MP3000, blue cuckooka shoes, cowboy vest, winter poncho and 2,500 coins

2MILLION – Gives you 2 million lei, letterman jacket, grid sweater and 2,500 coins

QUEENBADGER – Gives you 2,000 coins and queen badger background

2MILLION100 – Gives you cray on hoodle, cloud forest background, cooking serving apron, mckenzie’s biker outfit and 2,500 coins

3MILLION – Gives you 2,500 black scarf, 3 million grid sweater lei, t-shirt and 2,500 coins

2MILLION900 – Gives you 2,500 coins, a cop cap, city’s finest uniform, hawkeye-wear, body suit, quiver and now

2MILLION800 – Gives you 2,500 coins, rebel boots, costume, scare games, emotional background and muppet world tour background

2MILLION700 – Gives you 2,500 coins, elsa’s giveaway, avicii hoodie, stromtrooper costume and helmet

2MILLION600 – Gives you flash costume, judy hopps, nick wiide mask, flash mask, rocky and cece giveaway

2MILLION500 – Gives you disgusted and joy dress, sad outfit, dude stuffie, angry outfit, frightened outfit and 2,500 coins

2MILLION400 – Gives you 2,500 coins, an EPF workout hoodie, banana biter and purple danger hoodie

2MILLION300 – Gives you snowstorm suit, elites background, fluffy gown, alumni jacket and 2,500 coins

2MILLION200 – Gives you 2,500 coins, delivery outfit, white and black purple sweater and sea monster background

EASTER2019 – Gives 2,500 coins, white rabbit hat, blueberry bunny costume, Easter bunny hoodie and Easter egg pin

Wrapping Up

So these are the list of all the currently active club penguin online codes out there. Do note that they’re case sensitive, so ensure to enter each codes as seen above. To redeem them, you can read the wiki guide here.


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these ones worked for me

SMASH April 2, 2020 - 8:10 am

Some of these work but a lot are expired:)

Bella March 22, 2020 - 8:16 pm

most of these are expired…

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