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Spooky Milk Life Cheat Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Spooky Milk Life cheat codes abound. So if you are looking to get money and other crafting, training, weapons and gifts items, here’s all the Spooky Milk Life cheat codes to utilize right now.

Having spent close to an hour playing Spooky Milk Life, I can honestly say it’s one of the best point-and-click adventure-packed visual novels I’ve ever played.

Its gameplay takes place in Midnight Falls, a little town where mysterious things are happening, and you’re put into the role of the protagonist, whose father is missing.

Having been away for a while, you decide to come back home to reunite with your family and get to the bottom of everything, only to realise there is all kinds of spooky stuff going on.

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For one thing, Spooky Milk Life is a pretty fun RPG. The game features a vast town to explore, characters to interact with, and a beautiful spine animation.

There are also procedurally generated dungeons scattered all over Midnight Falls, and in there, you’ll encounter huge monsters to battle with in turn-based combat.

Now, assuming you are looking to simplify your gaming experience by nabbing a tonne of money without grinding, here are all the Spooky Milk Life cheat codes to utilise right now.

Spooky Milk Life Cheat Codes

From obtaining money to essential items, Spooky Milk Life cheat codes comes in handy especially when you are looking to progress faster. So without further delay, below is all the Spooky Milk Life cheat codes to make use of.

  • mangomango926 – Provides $10k and 50 of each of the following items: winder, cotton, string, spring, gear, paint, wood, nail, PartsA, PartsB, battery, rope, map, wood (DIY), paint (DIY), training token, bomb, Love (Cheat Item), Camping Kit (Test Only Item)
  • showmethemoney or showmethemoney926 – provides an additional $500 each use.

Inventory Codes

  • item,stinkyPanty,100 – Gives you Stinky Panty
  • item,cursedCoin,100 – Gives you Cursed Coin
  • item,brokenWood,100 – Gives you Shattered Wood
  • item,soulChip,100 – Gives you Soul Fragment
  • item,brokenBones,100 – Gives you Shattered Bones
  • item,headSkul,100 – Gives you Skull with Soul
  • item,rustyCutter,100 – Gives you Rusty Scissors
  • item,dildo,100 – Gives you Dildo
  • item,love,50 – Increases Love by the specified number
  • item,token,100 – Gives you Upgrade Token
  • item,battery,50 – Gives you Battery
  • item,Cotton,50 – Gives you Cotton
  • item,Gear,50 – Gives you Gear
  • item,milk_small,50 – Gives you Small Milk
  • item,Nail,50 – Gives you Nail
  • item,paint,50 – Gives you DIY Paint
  • item,PartsA,50 – Gives you PartsA Crafting Item
  • item,PartsB,50 – Gives you PartsB Crafting Item
  • item,Spring,50 – Gives you Spring
  • item,String,50 – Gives you String
  • item,Winder,50 – Gives you Winder
  • item,wood,50 – Gives you DIY Wood
  • item,gun,50 – Gives you Water Gun
  • item,bat,50 – Gives you Baseball Bat
  • item,bomb,50 – Gives you Bomb
  • item,fix,100 – Gives you fixing kit used to repair items with durability
  • item,map,1 – Displays the map of the entire floor. You must be on the floor you wish to see.
  • item,milk_big,50 – Gives you Big Milk
  • item,rope,50 – Takes you to a dungeon Merchant for that floor
  • item,camp,50 – Gives you Camping Kit
  • item,drill,1 – Gives you Drill
  • item,key_toy,1 – Gives you key to Toy Factory (a.k.a. The Dungeon)
  • item,analzizer,1 – Gives you analzizer
  • item,cockhorse,1 – Gives you Quest Toy for Linda
  • item,goodHooker,1 – Gives you Quest doll for Raury
  • item,dolly,1 – Gives you Quest clothing item for Dolly
  • item,sleep_raury,50 – Defines the amount of consecutive days that Raury will sleep with you
  • item,r_sock,50 – Gives you Sock
  • item,r_handmadeDoll,1 – Gives you Hand Made Doll
  • item,r_lemonbooth,1 – Gives you Lemon Booth
  • item,r_toyBox,1 – Gives you Toy Box
  • item,q_atticKey,50 – Gives you atticKey
  • item,blackjack_win,50 – Let’s you Win the Black Jack Game
  • item,goodHookerShoe,1 – Gives you Good Hooker Shoe
  • item,qs_balloon,50 – Gives you Balloon
  • item,books,50 – Gives you Books
  • item,qs_coupon,50 – Gives you Coupon

Other Inventory Codes

  • item,q_curry,50
  • item,qs_coupon,50
  • item,q_yogabook,50
  • item,lemonade,50
  • item,pizza_mint,1
  • item,nail_t,50
  • item,q_msg,50
  • item,newBooks,50
  • item,pizza_pepe,1
  • item,pizza_ananus,1
  • item,onani_raury,50
  • item,book_sexp,50
  • item,toy_bear,1
  • item,toyBox,1
  • item,toyChip,50
  • item,wood_t,30
  • item,q_balloon_cynthia,1
  • item,q_balloon_sindy,1
  • item,q_balloon_zoey,1
  • item,q_coupon_dan,1
  • item,q_coupon_dol,1
  • item,q_coupon_gal,1
  • item,q_coupon_man,1
  • item,q_coupon_ric,1
  • item,q_coupon_ron,1
  • item,q_coupon_su,1
  • item,q_coupon_wal,1
  • item,r_bat2,1
  • item,r_bat3,1
  • item,r_gun2,1
  • item,r_gun3,1

How to Use Spooky Milk Life Cheat Codes

To use the above Spooky Milk Life cheat codes, start by opening the game and navigate to your Bedroom.

From here, click on the Computer on you desk followed by the Command Line icon.

That’s it. You can now input the above Spooky Milk Life cheat codes into the provided box.

Once entered, you’ll receive a response that says “Cheat enabled“.

Note: The above Spooky Milk Life cheat codes are case sensitive, so ensure to enter them as seen above.


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