Corrupted Kingdoms Cheats and Console Commands (2024)

Corrupted Kingdoms cheats abound. So if you are looking to get an excessive amount of money, gold, gems, and more, here is the complete list of Corrupted Kingdoms console commands to utilise right now.

Corrupted Kingdoms is an interesting RPG that thrusts players into a fantasy universe where darkness and desire collide. In the game, players will get to navigate a dangerous world, making choices that shape their story while uncovering hidden secrets.

The story of Corrupted Kingdoms is one you’d find promising. Its premise puts players in the shoes of the main character on a journey to discover why his family was driven out of their home town.

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While on this mission, he soon finds himself in the middle of an uneasy war between humans and mythical creatures. As the player, your goal will be to either play the hero using your newfound power or become the villain who brings the world under your control.

Corrupted Kingdoms features a dozen characters to interact with, each with their own personality, and you can easily build relationships with them. Its visuals and soundtrack are of great quality, but just like most visual novels, players will need to grind for things such as magic points in order to progress.

Now, assuming you are looking to skip the hassles of doing repetitive tasks in an attempt to get free items and/or in-game resources, here is a complete list of all the Corrupted Kingdoms cheats and/or console commands to utilise right now.

Corrupted Kingdoms Cheats

In Corrupted Kingdoms, cheats can only be entered within the game’s console. To enable the console, open up File Explorer and locate the Corrupted Kingdoms folder. From here, click on Renpy, followed by Common, and then open the file 00console.rpy with Notepad and use CTRL+F to find and change the line config.console = False to config.console = True.

Once done, save your changes and then open up Corrupted Kingdoms. While in-game, press SHIFT+O to bring up the game console, and then enter the following commands into the provided box and press Enter to activate.

Money (Human, Fey, and Eldritch)

  • bag_cash = 99999
  • bag_gems = 99999
  • bag_potions = 99999
  • gold = 99999

Show Character Cards

  • character_cards = 1 

Complete Luna Tunnels

  • luna_tunnels_complete = 1 

Change Stats

  • stats_charisma = xxx
  • stats_insight = xxx
  • stats_magical = xxx
  • stats_martial = xxx
  • stats_physical = xxx

Replace “xxx” with the number of stats you want. Example: stats_charisma = 8


  • p_mc.EXP = xxx
  • p_mc.DEF = xxx
  • p_mc.ATK = xxx
  • p_mc.HP = xxx
  • p_mc.BASEHP = xxx
  • hp_mc = xxx
  • p_mc.WP = xxx
  • p_mc.RES = xxx
  • p_mc.BASEWP = xxx
  • p_mc.LEVEL = xxx
  • p_mc.PHY = xxx
  • p_mc.ARC = xxx
  • p_mc.ARCB = xxx
  • p_mc.PHYB = xxx
  • p_mc.COR = xxx
  • wp_mc = xxx

Note: The default command is p_name.EXP. You can change name to the name of any character in-game. Name Includes: p_mc, p_chloe, p_chelsea, p_hazel, p_jess, p_noelle, p_tammi, p_terri, p_ophelia, p_rachel, p_chastity, p_chloe. Example p_jess.WP = 999

Other Corrupted Kingdoms Cheats and Console Commands

  • education = xxx
  • troops_current = xxx
  • day = xxx
  • timevar = xxx (1 for morning, 2 for afternoon, and 3 for evening). Example: timevar = 1)
  • bar_income = xxx
  • church_income = xxx
  • college_income = xxx
  • company_income = xxx
  • farm_income = xxx
  • field_income = xxx
  • manor_income = xxx
  • marina_income = xxx
  • weekly_income = xxx
  • week_day = xxx (0 for Monday, 1 for Tuesday, etc.)
  • relic_took = xxx
  • lyx_met = xxx
  • story_fey = xxx
  • class_fey_taught = xxx
  • name_rehab = xxx (change name to the name of your character. Example: chelsea_rehab = 0)
  • goon_rehab = xxx
  • inv_var_cham = xxx
  • inv_var_ifp = xxx
  • inv_var_sfp = xxx
  • inv_var_tvp = xxx
  • inv_var_wine = xxx

Replace “xxx” with the number of items you want.

Wrapping Up 

There are a plethora of variables in Corrupted kingdoms that can be modified or edited with ease, but the ones listed above are literally the most essential Corrupted Kingdoms console commands and cheats you’ll ever need.

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