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Corruption of Champions 2 Cheats (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Corruption of Champions 2 cheats abound. So if you are looking to get infinite money or to max out EXP, health, and more, here’s all the Corruption of Champions 2 cheats to utilise right now.

Corruption of Champions 2 has come a long way, offering expansive open worlds, intricate narratives, and mediaeval art tyles. Despite many updates, its grinding aspect remains constant, and while a few may love it, a majority of players don’t.

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Now, assuming you are looking to advance the game faster and gain experience without going through the repetitive and time-consuming process of performing tasks, here’s the only Corruption of Champions 2 cheat you’ll ever need.

Corruption of Champions 2 Cheats

Unlike its predecessor, Corruption of Champions 2 doesn’t feature a debug option or cheat menu built-in. Players looking to cheat in the game often go through the complex process of accessing the developer console by pressing F12 on their keyboard and pasting any of the below codes to level up their companions, max EXP, as well as money.


While this method of cheating in Corruption of Champions 2 works, there’s a huge percentage that you might end up messing things up and breaking the game. Now, assuming you’re looking for something simpler, here’s the easiest Corruption of Champions 2 cheat to utilise right now.

Cheating in Corruption of Champions 2 Using Cheat Mod

The Corruption of Champions 2 cheat guide may seem complex, but with the aid of a cheat mod, you can easily simplify your gaming experience without qualms.

The Corruption of Champions 2 cheat mod we’re going to unveil soon enough doesn’t change the game’s storyline, nor will it add a new story. Instead, it focuses on your champion’s power, easy fighting, etc.

From maximum health to infinite credits, EXP, and more, this Corruption of Champions 2 cheat mod offers tonnes of features, including;

  • Increases your maximum health to +100 points
  • Increases your credits to +9000000
  • It increases your EXP to +267500 and your max level to 7.
  • It adds 5 action points to your fighting, including spells, tease, and direct melee attacks.
  • Adds 24 extra perks to your champion
  • Adds 50 resistance to your defence.
  • It increases all your attribute stats, such as strength, by +11.
  • Gives you Runecleaver and Swift Sword
  • Adds orange and white hair for the human race and black and white hair for the white elf race.
  • Adds a long hair option to the character creation menu
  • Increases your virility and other rate to maximum
  • Adds a tonne of items, including Wraithslayer’s Dreamblade in the Leorah and Hunter’s Shop.
  • Adds +90 powers and more

These are only a few features included in the Corruption of Champions 2 cheat mod. Now, without further delay, simply use the link below to download the latest Corruption of Champions 2 cheat mod.


How to Install the CoC2 Cheat Mod

The steps to install the above Corruption of Champions 2 cheat mod are pretty simple and straightforward. So to get this one going,

Simply download the CoC2 cheat mod and extract the .7z file using WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Once extracted, jump into the Mod folder, copy all the files in there, and paste them in your corruption of the Champions 2 installation folder, as shown below.

game folder\resources\apps\PASTE MOD FILES HERE

With that done, click on Replace if prompted, and you’ll be good to go.

Corruption of Champions 2 Mini-Games Solution

In addition to its interactive elements, events, and battles, Corruption of Champions 2 features a variety of mini-games. Now, assuming you find these puzzles difficult to complete, here’s a zip file housing all the Corruption of Champions 2 mini-game solutions.


What is Corruption of Champions 2?

Released as a sequel to the original game of the same name, Corruption of Champions 2 is a text-based adventure game in which players pursue different paths, such as becoming a hero by conquering the demon scourge, embracing corruption, or exploring various fetishes and kinks.


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