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Corruption of Champions 2 Save Editor (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Corruption of Champions 2 Save Editor galore. So if you are looking to max character stats or modify in-game resources, here’s the only reliable Corruption of Champions 2 Save Editor to utilize right now.

Corruption of Champions 2 save editor is basically a tool, program or online service that allows users to modify or edit the game’s save files. This save editor literally provide the ability to alter various aspects of the game’s saved data and this includes character stats, inventory items, in-game currency, completed quests, unlocked content, and more.

Now, before we jump into revealing the best Corruption of Champions 2 Save Editor there is, we’ll first walk you through the game’s plot and objective and then go further to explain how to use the highly acclaimed CoC2 save editor.

What is Corruption of Champions 2?

Released as a sequel to the original game of the same name, Corruption of Champions 2 is a text-based RPG that puts players in control of an Ingnam villager who has been sent to the demon realm Mareth as a sacrifice to keep his village safe from demon raids.

Now in the strange and dangerous realm where elves, centaurs and various monsters reside, players must choose their own path as they explore the different zones and places in-game while battling whatever enemy is encountered along the way in order to get stronger.

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Most actions in Corruption of Champions 2 involves clicking various buttons and reading the presented narration. The game features various NPCs to interact with and its customization options is simply amongst the best out there.

Now without wasting much time, here’s arguably the only working and reliable Corruption of Champions 2 Save Editor to make use of right now.

Corruption of Champions 2 Save Editor

If you are looking to customize your gameplay experience, we recommend using the Corruption of Champions 2 save editor on Github to experiment with different character builds and even unlock or max various resources in-game.

However, prior to doing this, it is important to note that modifying game saves incorrectly or using unreliable save editors can potentially corrupt the saved files and cause game crashes or instability.

Now without further delay, here’s how to use the Corruption of Champions 2 Save Editor.

How to Use Corruption of Champions 2 Save Editor

First and foremost, you will need to get your Corruption of Champions 2 save file. To do this, open the game and jump into the Save/Load menu.

From here, hover your mouse to the right side under “To File”, and click the “Save” button to download your save file.


Now fire up your web browser and head over to the following URL;


You should see a disclaimer stating that editing saves may permanently mess up the save or cause unusual bugs or errors in the game and that the save editor only works on the unofficial public release of CoC2 v63 or higher. For older versions, we recommend using end5 CoC2 save editor v9.


Making sure you adhere to the warnings, click on the “Accept” button to proceed to the save editor.

Now on the next screen, click on “Load” at the top-right corner and locate the save file you downloaded earlier. Once found, select it by clicking open and wait for it to upload.


With that done, simply go ahead and modify whatever you want and click save once done to download the edited save file.

Now head back to Corruption of Champions 2 and click to load the edited save file and you’ll be good to go.


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