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Dragon City Hack, Cheats and Tools for Free Gems (2021)

by Henry Emmanuel

Dragon City hack aren’t many. But if you’re looking to get free gems, gold, food and more, then here are the best Dragon City hack, cheats and tools worth utilizing right now.

Let’s assume you are a gamer and have by chance watched the movie How to Train Your Dragon, then chances are you are probably looking for a video game with the same traits. Well Dragon City is definitely the answer to what you’re looking for and trust me, it’s so much fun.

For folks unaware, Dragon City is an Android game that “task” players to collect and train dragons which they can send to battle to fight other player’s dragons. The game initially kicks off with you building habitats for your dragons and once this is done, you can hatch the dragon eggs in your possession and then breed them while ensuring they are well-fed.

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Lush graphics and charming gameplay aside, Dragon City’s overall experience often fizzles out once you reach level 7 or so. There, you do be urged to purchase new habitats as well as eggs to hatch specific dragons and the fact that the game prompts you to pay for immediate advancement rather than spending hours collecting cash from your grown dragons typically shows how solid the paywall is.

But assuming you are short of in-game currency and probably do not want to spend real money purchasing one, then here’s the best Dragon City hack, cheats and tools that work like charm. They do give you unlimited gems, gold, infinite health, food, booster and more.

Hack Dragon City Using GameGuardian

Before we begin, it’s important to inform you that Dragon City generators don’t work. These online tools are completely fake, so keep away from using them. Of all the game hacker apps we’ve used so far, GameGuardian proved to be the only tool capable of hacking Dragon City.

With it, you can easily obtain gems, gold and other resources in-game and it can also be used to speed up things, increase life counter and more. Initially, GameGuardian required root in other to function but thanks to parallel space, users can now install the app on their phones with or without root.

To do this, simply add Dragon City and GameGuardian to Parallel Space and launch both apps from there.

Now without further ado, here’s how to hack Dragon City using GameGuardian. To begin with, you’ll need to download any of the following Dragon City script.

Once this is done, simply fire up Gameguardian from Parallel space and minimize it. Next up, launch Dragon City (from parallel space) and you should see the GameGuardian icon floating on the screen.


Simply tap on it and you will be prompted to select process. Choose Dragon City from the list of games installed.


Once done, click on the Play icon at ditlep.comthe top right corner of the screen. This will open the Execute Script window.


Now go ahead and select any of the .lua script you downloaded earlier. Once done, click on Execute and the script will be loaded to the game.

That’s it. You can now select various hacks. For instance, if you need more gold, simply select the text that says gold and choose the option as per your wish.


For PC gamers, you can easily utilize Cheat Engine to hack Dragon City.

Solution to Dragon City Reload Issue After Hack

Normally, when you inject hacks into Dragon City, the game may prompt you to reload and once this is done, you’d lose every single gems and gold you’ve implemented so far. While we have no solution to do, you can easily follow the below tips and tricks to utilize the resources you hacked before the reload message appears.

The first trick is to hack a “small amount” of gold, gems and/or food. Let’s say 500,000 gold at a time. When you hack a huge amount of resources (such as 99999999), the developers behind Dragon City will be alerted and once this happens, you’ll be prompted to reload the game and by so doing, they’ll revert the hack to your old value.

The second trick is to utilize the hacked gems, gold and/or food before the reload message comes up. Normally, you’ll get about 40 to 45 seconds before the game asks you to reload. During this period, you can easily use the resource you hacked to buy items such as eggs and dragons. You then feed them to maximum level

Now when the game reloads, the items you bought as well as the food you used to maximize your dragon level won’t be erased. That’s how simple it is.

Dragon City Tools

While we often recommend GameGuardian as well as Cheat Engine to players looking to cheat in Dragon City, a slew of folks may not fancy how unreliable the hacks is. As such, we have decided to unravel some of the tools that can help you get gold, gems, food and more in Dragon City (i.e provided you know how to use them). So without further ado, here are the best Dragon City Hack tool of 2020.

1. Ditlep


Ditlep is unequivocal. It is by far the most popular Dragon City tool out there. One of the things that makes the site standout is its easy to use and simple user interface. One you have entered your Token ID (you’ll see a link on how to create one) you’ll be greeted with a variety of information all gathered from your account and from there, you can easily fiddle around to get gems, gold, food and more.

2. Dc4u


Dc4u also know as Vina-Full was specifically created to help users hack Facebook games. Aside from Fram Heroes, Monster Legends, Alpha Betty and Criminal Case, the tool can paimlessly hack Dragon City with ease. To get this done, you’d need to enter your Dragon City UserID and it will swiftly send a variety of resources such as gems, food, gold etc to your account.

3. Mochiabc


Mobiabc may not be as popular as Ditlep but it is still one of the best Dragon City hack tool worth utilizing. At its core, Mochi ABC can easily help you speedup breeding as well as the eggs in your hatchery. It’s a very handy tool with tons of features. Not only will it reward you with gems but you can use it to convert gold to food. So check it out.

4. Ha-Lab


Ha-Lab.com is basically a no nonsense tool. It’s one of the most reliable and free Dragon City tool that works without qualms. With a pretty laid out UI, Ha-Lab prompts users to enter their Facebook, Session and External ID and once this is done, they will get the option to select what resources they want and it will steathly modify Dragon City data storage to get those items to their account.

5. Ultrasptool


Finally we have Ultrasp, a not so popular Dragon City tool that gets the job done well. For folks unaware, UltraSP is a tool designed to let users get free gold, gems, Food and more in Dragon City. Its navigation is pretty simple and utilizing the site requires no coding knowledge. You’d just enter your session ID and then select any resources or items you want and they’ll be credited to your account. It’s that simple.

Wrapping Up

So these are all the Dragon City Hack, Cheats and tools that can give you unlimited gems, gold, food and more. They’re extremely safe and very reliable. So go ahead and utilize them right now.

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