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Do “Cheese” Methods Take Away the Fun of Playing Video Games?

by Henry Emmanuel

“Cheese method” is a term often used in the gaming community to describe a strategy or tactic that is deemed to be cheap, unfair, or exploiting loopholes in the game mechanics. Using cheese methods has become very common as gamers develop ways to turn the odds in their favor when they play their favorite games. Many players are against cheese methods because they take away that vital element of difficulty, but at the end of the day, finding ways to beat a game has always been part of the gaming experience. For example, players who used specific strategies in order to beat Street Fighter back in the 90s are still using similar tactics to beat the latest addition in the Street Fighter series.

overwatch video game

There is nothing wrong with cheesing opponents in order to enjoy a game. Using cheese methods and potentially using game item enhancements should not make you feel like you are cheating. Normally they are just a way for you to get things right. Not all video game lovers were born with a talent of being really good at playing games. Whether your favorite game is Overwatch, Destiny, or Dark Souls, you should be able to enjoy it, without having to feel that you are not good enough. After all, playing games is supposed to make you have fun and not make you feel like everybody else is better than you.

You Cannot Use Cheese Methods in Every Game

On some occasions, gamers will simply need to play the game and let the odds decide if they are going to win or not. This does not only apply to console video games like Nioh and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, but also to games of chance such as the popular slot Amazon Wild. When it comes to games of chance, the player does not always control the outcome. If Lady Luck is on your side, then playing slot games can potentially lead to winning money. There are of course some things you can do in order to increase your chances of winning. Selecting multiple pay lines can allow for more winning combinations.

Elden Ring – The Everest of Cheese Method Specialists

Elden Ring – The Everest of Cheese Method Specialists

Certain video game developers enjoy creating games that work against the player, in order to create a stronger feeling of satisfaction after completing a mission. FromSoftware is without a doubt the master of creating hard-to-beat games. Its latest creation; Elden Ring is a game that will push your patience to its limits. Some players say that there is simply no way to cheese enemies in Elder Ring and that you just have to try over and over again until you get things right.

Elden Ring is a tough nut to crack and it is definitely one of the hardest action role-playing games ever made. Nevertheless, video gamers are becoming smarter and much better at figuring out the flaws and the glitches of a game. Sometimes, they can identify these little windows of opportunity much faster than the developer and this leads to the development of methods, which are then freely shared via Twitch or YouTube with players from all over the world.


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