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The Best Factorio Mods of 2024

by Henry Emmanuel

If you are ready to simplify your gameplay, then here are the best factorio mods you should use.

It is obvious that Wube Software make great games and as a keen player, I do tell you that factorio is a very complex game to play. From building up plants that automatically take resources and make products to launching a rocket into space, it’s apparent that factorio as a construction and management simulation game can get very addictive if the basics is understood. But why not utilize mods to simplify or make the game harder? With that said, here are the best factorio mods you can use.

1. Squeak Through


Utilizing large storage and putting them in the way without creating passage using underground pipes can be one of the messy base design in factorio. Such practice can hinder your movement within the game, as you’d get stuck here and there whilst walking around your base.

Thankfully, Squeak Through can make those frustration go away. It is literally the best factorio mod designed to help users walk between obstacles such as steam pipes and solar panel, thereby giving them the freedom to navigate around easily.

2. Long Reach

Factorio-modsIf you’re looking to reach things that are far away in factorio, then you are better off using long reach. It typically removes the construction restrictions within the game by allowing you to build anywhere within viewpoint and open chest visible to you. There’s also a configuration menu where you can alter the default reach value, and by so doing, you’d be able to edit remote bases from map view.

3. Helmod

factorio-modsHelmod initially can be very complex. But once you learn how to use it, then you will see its benefits. Similar to the way we seek guidance that do help us solve complicated issues, that’s how we need assistance for planning our base in factorio. This is where helmod comes in to play.

It’s actually an assistant capable of helping you plan your base better. There are a slew of functions it can perform and some includes calculating the needs, resources, beacon, factories and electric power of your base. Simply make use of the tutorial on the site to get you started.

4. Bottleneck

factorio-modsAside from building, production is an integral part of factorio gameplay. You wouldn’t be happy if machines fail to harvest raw resources like crude oil and iron ore due to delay. This is why you need Bottleneck. It’s a mod created to help users identify delays in their factory.

Assuming there’s an input starved machine that isn’t doing anything, you can easily use bottleneck to locate it and get it to start working. Thanks to the indicator colors, they’re really really handy.

5. Upgrade Planner


If you are looking to upgrade a wide range of entities such as transport belts, modules, splitter, chests, rail signals and inserters to their higher tier equivalents, then upgrade planner should be used. It’s one of the must-have factorio mods that can help you mass-upgrade entities in your base. With it, you can upgrade assembling machines as well as power poles and furnaces. Simply drag the item you want to upgrade, or hold the Shift key while selecting an area to let the construction robots do it automatically.

6. Nanobots


In factorio, Nanobots is useful at the early stage of gameplay. Assuming you don’t have access to construction bots, roboports and power armor, you can easily use nanobots to make things more faster. The mod actually works by providing a Nanogun that utilizes nanobots to place items on blueprint ghosts provided you have those items in your inventory. It’s really an essential mod.


In Minecraft, there’s this popular mod called NEI (I.e Not Enough Items) that automatically reveals recipes for different items. It’s great, and as a user, I was glad to see something similar available for factorio players. FNEI is obviously an important factorio mod that can help users find all the recipes needed to create a selected item. It does go as far as allowing them to see the use of the selected item.

8. Factorissimo2


In factorio, you can add factory buildings to your base, walk into them and build parts. But they are likely to take up space. This is why you need factorissimo2.  It’s a mod designed by MagmaMcfry that allows users to lay down 36×36 squares of concretes that only take up 6×6 metres of space on the outside.

The mod practically makes your base more compact and walkable as they only take up a small amount of space. Moreover, you can fit a lot inside and once you decided to deploy, all the contents saved within the building will remain intact.

9. LTN

Factorio-modsLTN is a mod capable of scaling you up fast without the need to manage schedules manually. It can automate your train network into an equivalent of logistic robot. The Logistic Train Network mod works by adding logistic train stops that act as anchor points for building fully automated train logistic network. It can handle a slew of train configurations and will willingly pick the best train available in the depots for delivery.

10. Alien Biomes

One of the interesting mod to use whilst playing factorio is Alien Biomes. It’s a collection of supplementary biomes such as Volcanic, Snow, Crater, Sand, Grass and Dirt with various colors. It also includes trees and decorative variants that can help beautify your factory. Aside from this, the mod can add shallow water to coastlines and you can walk through it.

Final Words

There are a plethora of factorio mods out there, but we only cherry-picked the ones that are essential and they’re currently what we’re using. For starting, I’d recommend you utilize all of Bob’s mod and go launch a rocket. Once done, you can combine both Bob’s and Angel’s mod for a more complex gameplay.

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