Free Robux Codes for Roblox (2024)

Free Robux codes galore. So if you are looking to buy items such as hats, shirts, pants and more, then here’s a list of all the free Robux codes that are not used yet.

Sincerely speaking, money is a “necessity”. It enables us to have the basics of what we need to survive and equally goes as far as helping us provide things for our families and friends. With money, one can easily enhance life through healthcare, education and more. It helps us achieve life’s intangibles and just like we need it to buy things and get by in real life, that is how a slew of folks on Roblox are going to need Robux to enjoy the platform to the brim.

Now you may be wondering what Roblox is and why Robux is deemed a sort after commodity. For folks completely unaware, Roblox is a game creation platform starring player customized faux-Lego figures. It isn’t very popular among adults but has grown to become a home to kids under the age of 14. The platform can be used to create and play games created by other users and this activity is totally free.

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But if you’re looking to get paid items listed within the Roblox catalog, then you will need Robux. At its core, Robux is the sole universal and main currency used on Roblox. It doesn’t come for free (as most people think) and cost real world money to get. With it, you can easily buy stuffs in-game to make them easier and fun to play.

But aside from this, it can also be used to buy items such as hats, shirts, pants and more. One of the major reasons why you should consider purchasing Robux is that it can be used to unlock paid games available on the platform and also to buy VIP private server where you can play with friends alone.

Now assuming you are short of money thus unable to subscribe to Roblox Premium, then don’t feel sad as we are going to unravel all the legitimate Roblox Robux codes that can give you free currency without spending a dime.

Free Robux Codes

Not to be confused with Roblox promo codes, Robux codes are basically a pieces of texts that reward players with Roblox Robux currency once redeemed. There are no actual codes that can directly give you free Robux once redeemed, but with the help of various points reward sites, one can easily garner points by completing surveys, downloading apps and watching videos which can at the end of the day be exchanged for Robux.

Below, we’ll list every single legitimate points reward sites and their valid promo codes which can give you free Robux. So without further ado, here are all the Robux codes worth redeeming right now.


The first points reward site on our free Robux codes list is RBXOffers. It is a site that does what it says and can be trusted too. So assuming you have already linked your account by submitting your Roblox username, simply navigate to the site’s promo codes page and enter the following codes to get 1 point which is equivalent to 1 robux once exchanged.

  • pandas
  • Iceyxgravity
  • Happybirthdayfear
  • Pandafever
  • stayathome
  • stayhome
  • Washyourhands2020
  • staysafe
  • kingofthejungle
  • Bloxman
  • Codehubhunter
  • Codehubegg
  • faberegg
  • Kingpanda
  • chocolate
  • egghunter
  • Easterpanda
  • reeses
  • NHS
  • sssh
  • Easteregghunt
  • Purplepanda
  • Purplepower
  • pandapie
  • secretcode2020
  • Marlord
  • Teamheart
  • Jointhediscord
  • Vorky


Next up, we have ClaimRBX. It’s a relatively new contender that spawned following Irobux shutdown and as sure is now being regarded as an alternative. So go ahead and sign in to the platform by entering your Roblox username. Once done, dive into the Promo Codes page and input the following codes to get 1 free Robux.

  • Safiisback
  • WOOF
  • SAFE
  • ZOOM
  • Cure
  • ROCK
  • jailbreak1m
  • Poo
  • Safi1234
  • NUKE
  • KEY
  • WARP
  • Codeken
  • GIFT
  • SafiIsBack
  • sub2f8Itayt
  • THOR
  • SafiLovveClaimrbx
  • ODIN
  • ORB


Compared to RBXOffers, RoCash isn’t that popular but it is yet still a legitimate and/or reliable point reward site that gets things done efficiently. One thing worth knowing is that RoCash offers a slew of promo codes but they’d expire after 24 hours. Fortunately, the below code isn’t outdated yet, so hurry and redeem it right now to get 2 free Robux.

Unlike various shady point reward sites that scam users by not rewarding them for a job perfected impeccably, proves to be 100% legitimate. It’s a site that pays you for your hardwork and this to is instant. So go ahead and submit your Roblox userID for linking and then jump into the Promo Codes section and type in the below codes to get up 30 points.

  • ROBLOX2020


Truth is, BuxEarn is relatively new to the game but the brains behind the site strongly believes in the saying that hardwork pays. They aren’t false, as I’ve personally earned free points by downloading and playing one of the games it recommended. So simply login to the site by providing your username and then head over to the Promo Codes page and redeem the below codes.

  • CarlitoGoal10kSubs
  • CarlitoVoiceReveal
  • CarlitoIsTheBest


The last but not the least is obviously BloxLand. It is a feature-rich point reward site that works without qualms and unlike its competitors, it allows users to solve not only surveys but captchas in other to earn points. It’s relatively handy and whilst there aren’t many promo codes, we were able to gather the ones that are still active. So begin by signing in to the site by providing your Roblox username and then enter the following promo codes to earn free Robux

  • news
  • Bloxburg

Wrapping Up

We personally thought it wise to unravel these point reward sites as well as their promo codes. They’re by far the only legitimate way to get free Robux without spending a dime on Roblox Premium. Do bookmark this page and endeavour to visit often as we’ll be updating the lists with new Robux codes once they debut.

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