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Free Steam Account Generator with Games

by Henry Emmanuel

Steam account generator abound. So if you’re looking to skip the hassles involve in creating a new account on Steam, here are the best and active free steam account generator with games.

Just like Good Old Games, Green Man Gaming, Direct2Drive, GamersGate and other online game stores out there, Steam changed the way we buy games. It is one of the most popular digital distribution platform designed to allow users buy and download their favourite video games with ease. Steam “caters” for every gamer and whether you are gaming on PC, PlayStation and Xbox series, there’s something for everyone.

Specifically designed for gamers and game developers, Steam library of games are plethora. The platform offers a massive community where players can interact with one another, create mods and more. Aside from this, Steam allows users to manage their games in one place. They can keep their games updated, view the statistics, achievements and other player’s activities.

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Now if you are tech informed, you will know that it takes ages to create a Steam account. The hassles you’d go through during the registration process can be pretty annoying and due to this, a slew of folks often take to Google to lookup free Steam account with games.

For one thing, most of the free Steam accounts you’d find out there are either “invalid” or have been claimed by another user. But there’s good news and it surely will ignite you. So if you are looking for a free Steam account that works, here’s the best free steam account generator with games.

1. Accgen

As a nerd, you wouldn’t want to download sketchy software just to make free Steam accounts. There are a lot of tools out there claiming to offer free Steam accounts in exchange for downloading unreliable programs but having gone deep into the web, we found Accgen, a website that prides itself as the best free steam account generator and trust me, it works.

When you get banned on Steam, you can easily ditch the account and rely on accgen for a new one. The platform generously gives users free passwords and usernames for steam accounts and it does this on a hugely growing database. One of accgen strong point is that each steam account generated comes with CSGO and this makes it the most legitimate steam account generator with games.

Utilizing the service is quite simple as the only prerequisite is to access the website using a web browser that supports addon. Chrome PC, Firefox and Opera are strongly recommended but you can also use Yandex. Once you’re in, simply click on “Preferences” and then select Gmail as your custom domain.


Next up, click on the “Generate” button and you’ll be prompted to solve a Captcha. Go ahead and solve it and then wait for the tool to do its thing and your free Steam account with CSGO will be ready.


Accgen rocks! All of the accounts generated on the site comes with Steam Guard disabled and they all work like charm.

2. Project Centurion

Project Centurion may not be as popular as Accgen but it sure works. Originally created to provide various online services such as data mining, advanced bots and web scraping, project centurion has evolved tremendously and it’s now one of the legit steam account generator worth utilizing.


The tool painlessly generates new Steam account for personal use. No intrusive ads, no problems. Project centurion is definitely free to use. The site’s user interface is pretty straightforward and it offers a dedicated button to switch to dark mode if you desire.

Getting started with Project Centurion is quite simple. First, users will need to download the recommended extension by selecting a supported browser and once this is done, they can then click on Continue to head into the next page.


From here, solve the captcha and your free Steam account with email and password will be generated. In summary, project centurion is handy. The site doesn’t utilize shared accounts and its dubbed bulk steam account generator feature will be available to everyone one it’s ready.

Wrapping Up

So these are all the legitimate free steam account generator with games out there. Do note that they are free to use and most of the accounts generated on the platform works without qualms.


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