Top 5 Games Like SexNote

Do you fancy SexNote’s art style, fast-paced gameplay, and, of course, excellent plot? Then here’s a list of the best games like SexNote, to play right now.

SexNote is a cutesy visual novel game in which players assume the role of a shy guy who unintentionally acquires extraordinary abilities after reading a magical book that fell from the sky. Now, with his newfound power, the protagonist sets out to achieve his greatest goals.

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Albeit on-going, SexNote has garnered massive popularity across various gaming communities online, and this has led players who can’t wait for the next update to release to seek out similar games. Now, assuming you’re among these folks, here are the best games like SexNote to play right now.

1. Demon Deals

We kick off with Demon Deals, one of the best games like SexNote to play right now. In this game, players are depicted as the main character, who moves into a new house and finds an Ouija circle in one of the cluttered basements. Upon performing a ritual, the protagonist summons a demon who grants him a special power over women in exchange for his soul.

2. Summertime Saga

Similar to SexNote, Summertime Saga is a cartoonish point-and-click visual novel in which players control the main character as he navigates through life after the sudden death of his father. The game’s storyline revolves around uncovering the mystery behind the protagonist’s father’s demise while dealing with the challenges of school, relationships, and personal growth.

3. Solvalley School

Featuring luscious rendering as well as dating sim elements, Solvalley School is a visual novel game that follows the sexcapade of the main character. Its gameplay revolves around trying to win as many girls as possible while navigating a vast city and going about daily business, which includes working in a bar, studying, and training in the gym.

4. Taffy Tales

Taffy Tales is yet another game like SexNote. Its premise takes place in a town where many people are doing their best to restrain their unbridled desires, and as the player who’s got a split personality, your objective will be to use your dark side to seduce your victims by any means necessary and possibly create a harem of beautiful women.

5. Lust Legacy

In Lust Legacy, players assume the role of the protagonist, whose family hasn’t been the same since the death of their father. One day, he discovers a hidden video tape and soon realises his old man didn’t die in an accident but instead was murdered. Filled with rage, he sets out to investigate what caused the death of his father while also striving to build his own empire.

Wrapping Up

So these are arguably the best games, like SexNote to play right now. If you have a similar visual novel game you will like to share, simply do so by using the comment box below.

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