Geometry Dash Hacks: Unlock All Icons, No Clip and More

Geometry Dash hacks galore, so if you are looking to unlock all icons or to get infinite coins, orbs, diamonds, and more, here’s the best Geometry Dash hack to use right now.

Spawning numerous spin-offs, sequels, and community-driven mods, Geometry Dash has gained a significant following due to its challenging gameplay and the ability to create and share custom levels.

Its gameplay puts players in control of a square-shaped character tasked with navigating through various levels filled with numerous obstacles, such as spikes and other hazards.

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The goal of Geometry Dash is literally to reach the end of each level unhurt, but you can only do so by timing your moves (which include jumping, flipping, and flying) right.

One of Geometry Dash’s strong points is that it features energetic electronic music that players can listen to while maneuvering through various obstacles, but the game can be pretty difficult, especially for a beginner.

This is where our Geometry Dash hacks come into play. So assuming you are looking to simplify your gaming experience, we have listed below the best, working, and undetectable Geometry Dash hacks to make use of right now.

Geometry Dash Hacks

What other way to enjoy Geometry Dash but to utilize hacks that give you unlimited orbs, coins, diamonds, stars, and everything else? With the right Geometry Dash hacks, you can easily unlock all icons, skins, chests, colors, vaults of secrets, and whatnot.

Now, without further delay, we are going to unravel a mega Geometry Dash hack that functions without qualms. Notice that, albeit free, it is only applicable to the Steam version of the game. So here’s how to hack Geometry Dash with ease:

How to Hack Geometry Dash

There are no two ways about it. So to hack Geometry Dash, begin by downloading the Mega Hack v5 Setup file from the URL below.

Once downloaded, double-click to open it, and click the Install button to sideload it onto your PC.

With that done, click on the finish button, and the Mega Hack program will automatically launch. Notice: If you get the error message “failed to bind to Geometry Dash,” simply ignore it and click OK.

With Mega Hack v5 opened, head over to Steam and click on the Play button to launch Geometry Dash.

Once the game opens, navigate to Settings -> Options and click to disable the fullscreen mode, then click Apply to save the changes.

Now in windowed mode, bring up Mega Hack v5 onto the game’s interface and click the “Refresh” button to inject the program into the game.

That’s it. You can now explore the plethora of options on Mega Hack v5 and click to enable the hacks you want.

For example, assuming you’re looking to unlock all icons, simply look up the word “icon” using the search bar at the bottom of Mega Hack v5 and click to enable the hack.

With that done, switch over to Geometry Dash, and you should see that every single icon featured in-game has been unlocked.

Is Mega Hack v5 a virus?

It is said that the best things in life are free, but there are players who’d think otherwise. While installing Mega Hack, the antivirus program on your PC may detect it as malware, but do not fret, for Mega Hack is completely safe and free to use.

The reason why it often gets flagged as a virus is due to the fact that it injects Geometry Dash data, which is considered suspicious activity by most antivirus programs.

Mega Hack v5 Features

Mega Hack v5 is feature-rich, and with it, you can painlessly beat even the most challenging level in Geometry Dash with ease. Below are some of the essential player Geometry Dash hacks that Mega Hack v5 brings to the table:

  • Accurate Percentage 
  • Everything Hurts
  • No Clip
  • Freeze Player
  • Jump Hack
  • Hide Attempts
  • NoSpikes
  • NoHitbox
  • Unlock all icons
  • Suicide 
  • NoSolids
  • Practice Music Hack
  • No Pulse 
  • No Particles 
  • Igonre ESC
  • Inversed Trail
  • Force Trail State
  • Instant Complete
  • Force block type, and so much more.

Wrapping Up 

So this is basically the best Geometry Dash hack you’ll ever need. For mobile players, we recommend hacking Geometry Dash using GameGuardian or similar tools. Overall, happy gaming!

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