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Godfall SHiFT Codes (2022)

by Henry Emmanuel

Godfall shift codes galore. So if you’re looking to get skins, loots and other in-game goodies, then here’s all the active Godfall shift codes for PS4, Xbox One and Window PC.

The story of Godfall takes place in Aperion, a fictional universe on the verge of collapse. Its gameplay portray players as Orin, the last of the godlike fighters known as Valorian knights, capable of equipping Valorplates – legendary pieces of armor that turn their wearers into unbeatable masters of melee warfare.

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Ascending through the elemental realms, your mission will be to smash through enemies along the way whilst aiming to reach the summit and battle the crazy deity, Macros. Godfall for one thing is a great game. It is a solid looter-slasher, third-person action RPG featuring brilliant combat and stunning visuals.

Just like the Borderlands series, Godfall features a SHiFT code option that gives players skins, loot, and other in-game goodies. So assuming you’re looking to skip the hassles of grinding, then here’s a list of all the currently active Godfall shift codes for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

  • Z9CBT-5K3TT-BBJJ3-TT3TB-Z9CTF – Gives you the Royal Fortitude Bulwark Skin
  • Z9CT3-BC3JB-T33TJ-TBJBB-KXJB3 – Gives you the Ashengod Phoenix Skin

Where to Find Godfall SHiFT Codes

Godfall SHiFT codes are literally everywhere on the web, but you can easily find them on any of Gearbox social media page. To limit the stress, below’s the exact place to find all of Godfall SHiFT codes – as soon as they come out.

You can also follow Gearbox CEO (Randy Pitchford) on Twitter to land the latest Godfall shift codes as soon as they release.

How to Redeem SHiFT Codes in Godfall


For players unaware, there are two ways to redeem Godfall shift codes. The first method involves opening up the game and on the main menu, click on the SHiFT Codes option and input any of the above codes into the provided box and hit redeem to claim your reward.

The second method which may prove cumbersome involves navigating to Gearbox SHiFT Code website. From here, sign in to your account and on the Rewards tab, type in any of the Godfall shift codes listed above.


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