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Good Impact of Video Games on Students

by Henry Emmanuel

Managing student life perfectly is a complex task. It leaves little time to study so it’s obvious that when students watch tv or play PC games, parents panic. But there’s another side to playing video games. They benefit students in many ways.

Game-based learning is commonplace and there’s much emphasis on knowledge and strategy games. iGaming has also picked up considerably and students are the main audience there. Let’s dive a little deeper. So here are the good impacts of video games on students.

students playing video game

Improves problem solving and creativity

Most video games require the students to search, negotiate and plan various techniques to advance to new levels. The way the strategies are implemented determines whether the players will win the game. If they lose, they devise a new strategy to win the game. The techniques implemented are very vital for the brain development process.

Understanding different rules that are applied in creating winning strategies provide players with better decision-making skills. Sometimes, players are allowed to modify the characters for them to increase their chances of winning. As they modify the characters, students build their technical and creative skills.

Playing video games takes time for effective or strategic planning. You have to keep on adjusting your strategies until you win the game. As a result, students find it hard to balance gaming and their studies. That’s especially if they cover a considerable number of units. If you are facing challenges with essay writing, you can buy essay online from  Edu Birdie, the number one academic assistance site. Opting for “write my essay” will give you ample time to enjoy the benefits of playing video games. 

Improves writing skills

The fact that most of the students are engaged in the world of games, it’s natural for them to respond effectively to various ways of teaching. These students are more used to online services for assistance. And more so when they meet something new or challenging.

Studies show that video games can be used to enhance ESL writing skills. Students gain vocabulary and greater narrations from playing that improve writing skills. That’s due to improved imagination and organization skills gained from playing these games.

girl playing video game

Builds healthy competition

Healthy competition is very vital for the academic environment. Playing video games gives learners a chance to express their competitive urges with their friends safely. As a result, the students can build healthy competition. This is achieved as students take turns without complaining. They learn valuable negotiation skills that help them cut off habits associated with shortcuts.

By the time the students are getting done with school, they will have learned to struggle for everything they want. They will devise ways to work out their academic issues. Issues like theft will never be part of them because they are used to doing it themselves.

Helps students build social connections

Every class has students who don’t fight well with others. These students tend to be quiet most of the time. They are mistaken for their introverted characteristics. It’s normal for the students to have trouble fitting and to make new friends in a controlled environment like school.

Most of them tend to concentrate on their success too much and forget about building their social connections. Video games are a refuge for the students to connect and positively build each other.

They offer virtual playdates with their friends during their busy schedules. Students who play have something to talk about when with their peers. A few played games can be a great mainstream topic for conversation.

Enhances teaching skills

Most of the students will admit that they were taught how to play by their peers. Students who help others with video games have to keep their skills at the top. They have to do research and learn how different ones are played for them to teach effectively. Most of them build their teaching skills from YouTube and other online sites.

Those who teach others to gain status as the “leaders” who know how to beat the toughest games the class members are playing. While teaching their peers, these students develop social and communication skills that help them relate with others effectively.


The benefits of playing video games for the students are unmatched. They enhance their interactions while playing. At least even the introverts in the class have something to say. Others learn new phrases that help them improve their writing skills. Problem-solving skills gained from playing these games are vital for the classroom environment. Students develop creative ways of solving their problems which results in better performance.  


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