GTA Online Diamond Casino: Top 3 Tips on Bagging Some Gems

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto Franchise (GTA) were in for a pleasant surprise when Rockstar Games announced that it would add some precious solitaires to the prize list in GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist. Diamonds award players more than 50% of the average haul of cash and are far more worthy than artworks, and gold bricks.

Players wish to lay their hands on these rare, sparkling beauties. If you want to know about some trusted methods that can help you bag some gems, read these tips right away.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist

Diamonds are a rare and lucrative bargain in GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist. Players are more likely to find common items like cash or artwork. The chances of finding diamonds range from 8% to 15%. It is because they are a limited-time award that can be added and removed by Rockstar Games at their whim.

It almost goes without saying that players get hyped up at the prospect of winning big when playing GTA Casino Heist, after all, the payout is pretty generous with a whopping sum of $2.1 million. It’s comparable to playing at an online casino with exclusive offers, where punters can have the chance of winning huge jackpots.

Players who have already completed the heist during special occasions like Valentine’s Week might have encountered diamonds easily. However, it is difficult to find them when there is no special occasion. Moreover, the odds favor players who have never completed a heist. Players undertaking it a second time will have hard luck in finding diamonds.

It takes time and effort to seek solitaires in the game as players must complete entire heists to reach their goal after paying a set-up fee of $25,000. This is why many want a guaranteed way to win the diamonds because it is worth the money, offering a maximum payout of over $3 million.

Is There a Guaranteed Way to Find Diamonds?

While there are tips to get ahold of sparkling gems, there is no guaranteed way to discover diamonds every time players set out to rob the casino. But, players can try and maximize their chances of finding them.

Despite the low probability of encountering solitaires, famous GTA YouTubers have cracked the code to find them. Many gamers recommend the same methods, so make sure you are reading them up to know how you can find diamonds with success.

Complete Your Quest Using the Three Modes

It is recommended that players set out on their quest by completing the heist through the three mentioned ways which are Stealthy, the Big Con, and the Aggressive modes. Even though there is a minuscule chance of finding diamonds for the second time, players can maximize their chances by finishing the heists.

Out of the three, the Big Con is a fan favorite as it allows direct entry into the vault without any violence, unlike the Aggressive mode. However, it needs more effort and a strong team to make it work.

Discover What’s in the Vault

The second tip is to discover what is in the vault through the Sightseer app. You can also look at the security footage to find diamonds in the most unlikely of places like the men’s restroom.

This will make matters easier for players as they can cancel the heist if they don’t find any diamonds.

Cancel the Heist After Completing It

The next tip is to cancel the heist after you have completed it and have discovered what is inside the vault.

Players can call Lester and cancel the heist. They have to discount their connection while exiting the lobby. On spawning it back, the vault’s contents will be re-rolled, thus avoiding the $25,000 charge that players have to dish out on each cancellation.


Therefore, players can follow this trial-and-error method to win diamonds. While it might seem like a waste of $25,000, players can recover the amount and more if they are lucky to find glittering solitaires waiting for them in the vault.

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