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Harem Residence Cheat Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Harem Residence cheat codes galore. So if you are looking to get a plethora of money, strength, intelligence and more, here’s all the Harem Residence cheat codes to utilize right now.

Harem Residence is an interesting visual novel with dating-sim elements. Its gameplay puts players in the role of the protagonist who has recently lost his job.

Haven’t been able to see his friends in months, things begin to change when the main character’s parents sent him to another town to take care of a big house left behind by his recently deceased grandfather.

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There, he decides to make a living by renting some of the room. As the player, your objective will be to help the MC find tenants for the residence whilst spending time with them.

Harem Residence features a tonne of characters to interact with and you can help them with any problem in other to unlock special scenes.

Now assuming you are looking to earn a plethora of money without grinding, here is all the Harem Residence cheat codes to utilize right now.

Harem Residence Cheat Codes

In addition to obtaining an excessive amount of money, Harem Residence cheat codes can help you max strength and intelligent. So without further delay, here’s all the Harem Residence cheat codes to make use of.

  • plutus – Adds $1000
  • jupiter – Maxes out Strength and Intelligence
  • chronos – Changes Day and Time
  • aletheia – Changes Kasumi to little sister, Maya and Miya to sisters, Ayase and Sanae to sisters

Note: The Harem Residence cheat codes above are case-sensitive. So ensure to enter them exactly as seen in the cheat system visible in-game, while also keeping in mind that each code only works with the corresponding game version.

Wrapping Up

So these are the lists of all the currently working Harem Residence cheat codes to take advantage of. For new gallery codes, ensure to bookmark this page and visit often.

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