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Hole House Codes for Free Potions and More

by Henry Emmanuel

Hole House codes abound. So if you are looking to unlock all scenes or get unlimited potions, coins, and more, here are all the Hole House codes to activate right now.

Hole House is actually one of the WebGL games we recommend giving a try. It offers a plethora of things to do, such as hiring girls, building relationships with them through interaction, and unlocking different parts of the house as you progress.

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The game’s objective revolves around buying and managing an establishment while ensuring your employees are happy at all times. Albeit fun, Hole House features a dozen grinding elements that can discourage even the most passionate gamer out there.

Now, assuming you are looking to effortlessly unlock all the girls you’d like to be part of your business or you simply want to unlock all character scenes in-game, here are all the Hole House codes to utilise right now.

Hole House Codes

In Hole House, resources such as potions, diamonds, and coins are essential commodities needed for maximum fun. So if you’re looking to get an excessive amount of them, here are all the working Hole House codes to make use of.

v0.1.52 and v0.1.53 [Patreon Build]

  • FUSHFDJDNFJSDJF – Gives you 2 Potions
  • AIDUIEJFIEFSEFE – Gives you 4 Potions
  • JIDSJFAIIFGURICSD -Gives you 8 Potions
  • AYHFIEHUDWHDEDJFD – Gives you 20 Potions
  • HDEFKDSKFD – Gives you 10 Potions
  • JVIHFVDSNVF – Gives you 5 Potions
  • AJFIJEFDFSD – Gives you 3 Potions

v0.1.43 [Public Build]

  • cudcudsvbhjdbvhds – Gives you 2 Potions
  • ufehfuejfjdvjkdfnvj – Gives you 4 Potions
  • hfuirefnsjnfjkdjkfs – Gives you 8 Potions
  • hfuherfjksnfjsnjfesjk – Gives you 20 Potions
  • UEHFENFEFSEKF – Gives you 4 Potions

Note: The Hole House cheat codes above are case-sensitive, so make sure to type them into the game’s in-built phone’s potion app exactly as written.

Universal Hole House Cheat Codes

The Hole House codes listed above are designed to be entered on the corresponding or specific version of the vanilla game. 

However, if you are running an older or newer version of the game, we recommend using the universal Hole House cheat codes listed right below.

  • fill me up daddy paw_beans uwu – Gives you 999999 Potions, Coins, Diamonds, Level and XP
  • fuzzy doubloons – Gives you 999999 Coins
  • shiny stones – Gives you 999999 Diamonds
  • level 1 crook – Increases your Levels 999
  • i had sx yes – Gives you 999999 XP (Replace “” with “e”)
  • gotta buy milk – Makes all characters pregnant

Note: The universal Hole House cheat codes listed right above are case-sensitive and can only work if you replace the base game data folder with the custom modded assemblies folder right below.

Hole House Custom Modded Assemblies







To install the Hole House custom modded assemblies above, simply download the zip file above, depending on your game version, and extract it using WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Now copy the HoleHousev0.1_Data folder in the extracted zip and paste it in your game folder where the exe is, and ensure to overwrite if prompted.

How to Enter Codes in Hole House

The steps to enter cheat codes in Hole House are pretty simple and straightforward. So to get this one going;

  • Open Hole House and click on the phone icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the phone menu, click on Next Page.
  • Now click on the Potions app, followed by Redeem Code and type in any of the codes above, and hit Enter to activate.

Wrapping Up

So these are the list of all the working Hole House codes to utilise right now. Ensure to bookmark this page and visit often for new code updates.


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