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Honey Select 2 Cards: Where to Find Them

by Henry Emmanuel

Honey Select 2 cards abound. So if you are looking to expand your game content, here’s where to find Honey Select 2 character cards and a thorough guide on how to install them.

Released as a sequel to the original Honey Select game, Honey Select 2 is an interesting sandbox-style game that plays just like Gacha Life or Fashion Business.

Its gameplay revolves around creating and customising detailed 3D characters with various options for appearance, clothing, hairstyles, and accessories.

Players can then engage in various interactive scenes with their custom-made characters while doing just about anything their heart desires with them.

One of Honey Select’s strong points is its support for character cards, which comes in handy in enhancing the game’s overall experience.

What are Honey Select 2 Cards?

Honey Select 2 cards typically refer to character cards or presets containing all the information and customization details of a created character.

These character cards can be shared and imported by players, allowing them to exchange their custom characters and experience specific character appearances and attributes within the game.

For one thing, Honey Select 2 character cards contribute to the game’s replayability. With the vast library of user-generated character cards, players will have access to an extensive pool of characters to interact with. This variety keeps the gameplay experience fresh and diverse.

Now, assuming you are looking to enhance Honey Select 2’s interactive and storytelling elements by participating in different roleplay scenarios and storylines created by other players, here’s where to find dozens of Honey Select 2 cards.

Where to Find Honey Select 2 Cards

Similar to popular video games, Honey Select 2 character cards can be found on various websites and forums dedicated to the game. These platforms allow players to share and download custom character designs created by the community. If you’re already itching to expand your game content, here are some places where you might find Honey Select 2 cards.

illusion cards booru

Illusion Cards Booru is arguably the place to visit if you are looking for thousands of illusion game cards. The website hosts over 5,000 Honey Select 2 character cards, and you can easily download them for free.


Illusion Soft Discord Server

Illusion Soft Discord Server is one of the many places to find Honey Select 2 cards. By joining this Discord server, you will be able to connect with the community and find many Honey Select 2 character cards shared by other players.


Game Communities

Video game communities like F95zone, Pixiv and Yuki Portal are known for hosting discussions, mods, and character card sharing related to Illusion games. These forums often have dedicated sections for “Honey Select 2 Card Sharing, and you can find them using the links below.


How to Install Honey Select 2 Cards

To install character cards in Honey Select 2, you’ll need to follow these general steps:

To begin with, you’ll need to obtain the character card file you want to install. This could be a character you created or one you downloaded from any of the sources above.

Note: Honey Select 2 character cards typically have a “.png” extension and can be downloaded by right-clicking on the picture and clicking “Save Image As…”


With the Honey Select 2 cards downloaded, simply paste them in the appropriate folder by opening your Windows File Explorer and navigating to the game installation directory, which by default should be located in:


In here, if the Honey Select 2 card you downloaded is that of a female character, simply paste it in the female folder, and if it’s a male, paste it in the male folder.

Once you are done, exit File Explorer and go ahead and open Honey Select 2, and you should see the character card in-game.

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