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How to Install DLC on Yuzu Emulator

by Henry Emmanuel

Looking to add extra levels, characters, and more to that base game? Here’s how to install DLC on the Yuzu emulator.

Yuzu, the most stable Nintendo Switch emulator, has gained popularity amongst gamers looking to play Nintendo Switch games on their PCs. Similar to the actual console, one way to enhance your gaming experience on the Yuzu emulator is by adding downloadable content (DLC) to your base games.

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Downloadable Content (DLC) can provide extra levels, characters, or features to the vanilla game, and with that in mind, this article will guide you through the process of installing DLC on the Yuzu emulator.

How to Install DLC on Yuzu

The steps to install downloadable content (DLC) on the Yuzu emulator are pretty simple and straightforward. So assuming you’re already in custody of the game you’re looking to sideload DLC to, then here’s how to install DLC on the Yuzu emulator.

Download the DLC file.

To begin with, start by finding the Downloadable Content (DLC) file for the game you want to enhance. For this guide, we recommend using NSW2U.

So head over to the site and look up the game you’re looking to install DLC for. Once found, select it, and on the next page, click to download the latest DLC file.

Extract the DLC file.

If the downloaded DLC file is compressed (usually in.zip or.rar format), you’ll need to extract it using a file archiving tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Install the DLC on Yuzu.

With the DLC file extracted, go ahead and open Yuzu Emulator, then click on Files from the top left and select the Install Files to NAND option.


This will open up File Explorer. Simply locate the DLC file you downloaded earlier, select it, and then click Open.


On Yuzu, you will be asked to confirm the installation. Simply click on the Install button and wait for the DLC to install.


Enable the installed DLC.

Once the DLC installation process is complete, right-click on the game you just added DLC to and select Properties from the drop-down menu.


Now under Add-ons, make sure the DLC box is checked, and that’s that. You can now go ahead and launch the game, and you should see the additional content in action.


Wrapping Up 

So this is basically how to install DLC on the Yuzu emulator. If you encounter any issues while following this tutorial, simply use the comment box below to notify us, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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