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Yuzu Prod Keys & Title Keys Download (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Yuzu prod keys are an essential component of the Nintendo Switch emulation process. So if you are looking to gain access to a broader range of gaming experiences, here are all the Yuzu keys and title keys to download right now.

Yuzu has gained massive popularity among gaming enthusiasts for its ability to replicate the Nintendo Switch experience on different platforms.

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A key component of its emulation process involves prod keys, which are integral to unlocking features and enabling the emulation of Nintendo Switch games.

In this article, we will delve into what Yuzu prod keys are, their significance, the download guide, and how to install or add them to Yuzu Emulator.

What Are Yuzu Prod Keys?

Yuzu prod keys, short for product keys, are cryptographic keys associated with the official Nintendo Switch console and its games.

These keys are essential for decrypting and unlocking the proprietary content of Nintendo Switch games, allowing users to play them on the Yuzu emulator.

For one thing, Yuzu Prod keys act as a virtual key to access content that would typically be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch platform.

They play a crucial role in authenticating Nintendo Switch game files, allowing Yuzu to properly interpret and execute the encrypted data.

In addition to this, Yuzu Prod keys unlock specific features within the emulator, including enhanced graphics, performance optimisations, and compatibility improvements for a wider range of games.

Now, assuming you’re looking to gain access to a more comprehensive gaming experience, here’s the latest version of Yuzu Prod Keys and Title Keys to download right now.

Yuzu Prod Keys & Title Keys Download

From Yuzu keys 15.0.1 to Yuzu Prod keys v16.0.1 and Yuzu Title keys 16.0 2, we have got below all the Yuzu Prod keys and title keys to download right now.

VersionsDownload Links
Yuzu Keys v16.0.3Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v16.0.2Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v16.0.1Google Drive
Yuzu Keys v16.0.0Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v15.0.1Google Drive
Yuzu Keys v15.0.0Google Drive
Yuzu Keys v14.1.2Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v14.1.1Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v14.1.0Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v14.0.0Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v13.2.1Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v13.2.0
Yuzu Keys v13.0.0Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v12.1.0Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v12.0.3Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v11.0.1Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v11.0.0Mediafire
Yuzu Keys v10.2.0Mediafire

How to Add Prod Keys & Title Keys to Yuzu

Having learned the steps on how to get Yuzu keys, we’re guessing you have already downloaded the latest version of Yuzu Prod Keys and Title Keys from the URL above. If that’s the case, here is where to put the prod keys and title keys in Yuzu.

The steps to install prod keys and title keys on Yuzu are pretty simple and straightforward. So to get this one going, extract the latest version of Yuzu prod keys and title keys using WinRAR or 7-Zip.


Next up, double-click to open Yuzu Emulator on your PC and click on File, followed by Open yuzu Folder from the drop-down menu that will appear.


In here, right-click to create a new folder named keys, then copy the prod keys and title keys from the extracted zip file and paste them in the newly created keys folder.


That’s it. You can now go ahead and play Nintendo Switch games on the Yuzu emulator with ease.


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