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Jailbreak Codes and ATM Locations (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Ever wondered which Roblox game is similar to GTA? No it isn’t Prison Life and while Grand Blox Auto may exhibit similar gameplay, it doesn’t come close to Jailbreak.

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series made “waves”. It is one of the best selling video games of all time and this is largely due to its open world and violent gameplay. GTA for one thing is a game that allows players to assume the role of a criminal and pilot them to hijack or steal cars, run over pedestrians and engage in violent killing sprees all in a bit to complete a specific mission.

Now ‘assuming’ you are a Roblox die-hard looking to play a game that is quite similar to GTA, then we strongly recommend Jailbreak. It is a role-playing game that puts you in charge of a character who’s on the run from the police after escaping prison. The game itself is fun to play and features lots of cars, busy streets and racing mechanics.

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Unlike Prison Life, Jailbreak offers a slew of stuffs to do after breaking out of jail. Players can go for a drive, rob banks and even invent a whole new way to play. Now if you are looking to earn free virtual money, the 3 billion tire, armor texture and a royale token, then here are a list of all jailbreak codes you should redeem right now.

  • onehour – Gives you 25,000 cash
  • countdown – Gives you 5,000 cash
  • healthy – Gives you 7,500 cash

  • stayhealthy – Gives you 5,000 cash
  • feb2020 – Gives you 10,000 cash
  • minimustang – Gives you 10,000 cash
  • Leaves – Gives you 5,000 cash
  • ThreeBillionParty – Gives you 3 billion tire decals
  • refreshed – Gives you 7,500 cash
  • SuperReader – Gives you 3,000 cash
  • jetmissiles – Gives you 10,000 cash
  • yoyoheres1code – Gives you 10,000 cash
  • reachforthesky – Gives you 7,500 cash
  • Facebook1000 – Gives you 5,000 cash
  • DISCORD – Gives you 2,000 cash
  • JAILBREAKHD – Gives you 3,000 cash
  • SKYHIGH – Gives you 5,000 cash
  • Tenk Gives you 10,000 cash
  • jailbreaktwoyears – Gives you 8,500 cash
  • SickDay – Gives you 8,000 cash
  • WEWILLTAKEOVER – Gives you armor vehicle texture
  • DISCO – Gives you 7,000 cash
  • MovieMint – Gives you 6,500 cash
  • FireFighter – Gives you 5,000 cash
  • Royale – Gives you 1 royale token
  • LIGHT – Gives you 2,500 cash
  • ExpertReader – Gives you 5,000 cash
  • THANKYOU – Gives you 2,500 cash
  • test – Gives you 1,000 cash
  • QUANTUM – Gives you 5,000 cash

Where to Redeem Jailbreak Codes

jailbreak-codesIn 2018 Winter Update, ATMs were introduced to Jailbreak. They are in-game locations or places designed to allow users redeem codes with ease. As of writing this article, there are a total of 5 ATMs in Jailbreak and you can find them inside Bank, Police Station 1 & 2 and Train Station 1. So go ahead and find an ATM nearest to you and enter any of the above listed jailbreak codes.

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