Just One More Chance Cheat Codes (2024)

Just One More Chance cheat codes helps you manipulate stats and more. So if you are looking to make your gameplay easier, here’s all the Just One More Chance cheat codes to utilize right now.

Just One More Chance is a fantastic visual novel game in the sandbox genre that was released in 2023 and is great to play at leisure. The protagonist, an obese man, is the centre of the game’s gameplay. He succeeds in becoming a test subject, gets the chance to travel back in time via a simulation that advances technologically, and gets another chance to live out his college years.

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There, he will come across a wide range of people with varying degrees of personalities, unique backstories, and various strategies for befriending them. Like other games, Just One More Chance has a cheat code feature that you can use to streamline your gaming. So without further delay, here are all the Just One More Chance cheat codes to utilise right now:

Just One More Chance Cheat Codes

Albeit fun, the grinding elements in Just One More Chance can discourage even the most passionate gamer. So if you are looking to simplify your gameplay, here are all the Just One More Chance cheat codes to make use of.


  • dan74247deb


  • 990heavydebug
  • cheatlight141


  • light39cheats
  • heavy832alpha

Note: The Just One More Chance cheat codes above change with each version of the game and can be activated on the laptop in your room.

Just One More Chance Cheat 

Assuming the above cheat codes don’t work, you can easily manipulate the game’s stats and reset stuff through the debug menu. To access it:

  • Ensure you are in your room, then press F12 in your browser to open up the Dev Tools.
  • From here, copy and paste the following commands into the Console tab and hit Enter to activate.
SugarCube.State.active.variables.clickedderp2 = 1
SugarCube.State.active.variables.clickedderp = 2

The above command gives you access to the DebugRoom, allowing you to access the cheats and edit various attributes with ease.

Editable Attributes

SugarCube.State.active.variables.money = 99999 SugarCube.State.active.variables.energy = 999 SugarCube.State.active.variables.stress = 0 SugarCube.State.active.variables.lust = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.strength = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.stamina = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.confidence = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.culture = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.intelligence = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.coding = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.charisma = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.popularity = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.sexcontrol = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.sexexp = 100 SugarCube.State.active.variables.maxenergy = 999 SugarCube.State.active.variables.maxstress .active.variables.maxstress = 999 SugarCube.State.active.variables.maxlust = 999

 Wrapping Up

So these are all the Just One More Chance cheat codes to utilize right now. If you have any further questions, please let us know using the comment box below.

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