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Here’s Where to Find Live Kahoot Game Pin (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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There are a plethora of Kahoot game pins to join. So if you are itching to play trivia with friends, then here’s a list of all the live Kahoot codes that actually work.

Academy studies mostly consist of authority teaching styles and textbook work. But it’s important to make learning exciting for students using interactive activities. This is where Kahoot! comes in to play.

For the uninformed, it’s a game-based learning platform that allows users to create, share and play trivia quizzes. Its concept is pretty simple – students join kahoots using a temporary unique game pin shared by the host.

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Then questions with answer options get projected on the screen and the task from here will be to analyse and choose the appropriate response whilst hoping to score high.

Now while it is pretty simply to create a kahoot, getting others to participate in it is no easy task. This is where Kahoot game pin comes in to play. But before we dive into why we’re here, let’s find out what Kahoot codes are.

What is Kahoot Game Pin?

When you head over to Kahoot.it you’d see a field with the text “Game PIN” boldly written. As a first-timer, you may ask yourself what exactly is this game pin and what is it’s essence?

To answer that query, Kahoot game pin is simply a temporary unique code that identifies which game you want to join and they’re specifically generated when someone starts a live Kahoot.

How to Find a Kahoot Game Pin

Knowing fully well that each game pin is temporary and unique to each Kahoot session, it is pretty difficult to find a working Kahoot code. One way to get your hands on them is to be at a location where someone is hosting or leading a Kahoot.

This of course is close to impossible especially for homeschoolers. But do not be disappointed for we have in our custody a proven way to get a ton of working Kahoot codes without sweating a lot. So if you are already itching to join a game session, then here’s how and where to find a live Kahoot game pin.

1. YouTube

Assuming you are bored and probably looking for a pin to join a random Kahoot game, then one of the best places to search is on YouTube. As you’d know, there are channels dedicated to hosting live Kahoot sessions daily and they tend to provide a game pin for viewers to participate.

To find these channels and/or videos, simply head over to YouTube and lookup the following keyword;

live kahoots to join right now

The search result will include a slew of videos streaming live and in their lies the unique kahoot code that you can use to join the game.

2. Discord

Originally made to give gamers a place to build communities and talk, Discord grew from obscurity into a popular group-chatting platform and you are sure to find a plethora of servers dedicated to posting live Kahoot codes.

On Discord, you’d find channels that perform random kahoots according to people’s suggestions and they go as far as posting the game pin whilst live streaming the questions.

That aside, there’s also a Kahoot Discord bot built to help users create and save their kahoot questions and they can also aid them find working codes that can be used to join live kahoots.

Kahoot Pin Generator

kahoot-pin-generatorYes you heard that right. If you are looking for a random kahoot code generator, then we have got a tool that works and that to for free.

Developed using python, BrooksLeyba Kahoot game pin generator is one hell of a unique tool capable of generating over 10,000 kahoot codes with just a click of a button.

Now as you’d guessed, the game pins generated by this tool mostly do not function but once you come across something that works, you are sure to feel it.

To use it, simply head over to the following URL;


From here, click on the Play button followed by the enter key and you’ll be presented with a huge list of Kahoot game pins to choose from.

That’s it. You can navigate to Kahoot.it and in the provided field, enter the generated codes one after the other until you stumble upon something that works.


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