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Knights of Honor 2 Cheats (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Knights of Honor 2 cheats abound. So if you are looking to get unlimited gold, books and more, here’s all the Knights of Honor 2 cheats and/or console commands to utilise right now.

Following in the footstep of its predecessor, Knights of Honor 2 is a real-time strategy video game that combines elements of grand strategy, diplomacy, and real-time battles.

Its premise is set in a medieval Europe-inspired universe where players take on the role of a ruler tasked to lead the kingdom to greatness.

In the game, players can engage in diplomacy, form alliances, expand their territory through warfare, manage their economy, and build up their empire.

In addition to its focus on strategy and real-time battles, the game is known for its depth and complexity and this is where Knights of Honor 2 cheats comes into play.

So assuming you are looking to simplify your gaming experience, here are all the Knights of Honor 2 cheats and/or console commands to utilise right now.

Knights of Honor 2 Cheats

To utilise cheats in Knights of Honor 2, players must first enable the in-game console by modifying the game’s startup parameters. To do so, right-click the game in your Steam library and choose “Properties“. In the resulting box, choose the “LAUNCH OPTIONS” tab and type “-ForceEnableConsole” (without the quotation marks).


After you have finished these procedures, you can launch the game as administrator and either load an existing campaign or start a new game to experiment with the cheats listed right below.

To access Knights of Honor 2 console, press the “tilde ~” key on your keyboard. If you are using a German keyboard, you may need to press the Ö key to open the console.


Once opened, you can type in any of the Knights of Honor 2 cheats listed below and hit Enter to activate.

Must-Know Cheats

  • cl – Displays the current cheat level.
  • cl X – Sets the current cheat level to X, where X must be between 0 (None) and 3 (High). For example, to set your current cheat level to 3, you would type “cl 3” without quotes in the console and press “Enter” to activate the cheat.
  • help X – Provides information about the specified console command, where X must be another console command. Example; help unprison
  • clear – Clears the console of previous commands. Note that this does not undo the commands previously entered.

With Cheat Level Set to High (cl 3)

  • Insert key – Inserts a friendly knight with an army under the cursor, not in towns
  • delete key – Deletes any selected army and knight on the map also your own, not in towns
  • win 0 – Win any selected sieges or battles

Resources Cheats

  • gold X – Sets the gold of the player kingdom to X. Example: gold 500
  • give_gold X – Gives X gold to the selected kingdom.
  • piety X – Sets the piety of the player kingdom to X
  • give_piety X – Gives X piety to the selected kingdom.
  • books X – Sets the books of the player kingdom to X.
  • give_books X – Gives X books to the selected kingdom.
  • spawn_pop X – Gives X population to the selected realm/province.

Levels Cheats

  • max X – Levels up the selected character’s skill. If X is 1, all skills are leveled up. If X is 0, a random skill is leveled up

Misc Commands

  • unprison – Frees the selected character.
  • imprison – Imprison selected character in specified kingdom
  • imprison_all – Imprisons everyone in the selected kingdom.
  • conquer – Conquers the selected kingdom.
  • kill – Kills the currently selected character.
  • add_opportunity [opportunity name] – Adds an opportunity for the selected character. Opportunity name can be found in opportunity.def
  • upgrade [upgrade name] – Adds an upgrade in selected fief
  • add_units X – Adds units to selected army
  • add_child X – Adds a child to the selected kingdom. If X is 0, a prince will be added. If X is something else, a princess will be added.
  • force_endless_game X – Enables/disables the game from ending even if an endgame condition has been met. If X is 1, it is enabled. If X is 0, it is disabled.
  • sub X – Makes the selected kingdom a vassal/independent. If X is 1, the kingdom becomes a vassal. If X is 0, it becomes independent.
  • cal X – Makes the selected kingdom a caliphate. If X is 1, the kingdom becomes a caliphate. If X is 0, it becomes non-caliphate.
  • cr X – Changes the religion of the selected kingdom. Allowed values for X are “Catholic”, “Orthodox”, “Muslim”, and “Pagan”.
  • crr X – Changes the religion of the selected realm/province. Allowed values for X are “Catholic”, “Orthodox”, “Muslim”, and “Pagan”.
  • fow 0 – Remove Fog of War
  • spawn_pop X – Add X amount of pop to a selected town
  • sa – Spawn army
  • sm – Spawn mercenary
  • kk – kill current king – players king
  • co – Change opinion (name, amount). eg co nobility 10 – change nobility opinion to 10
  • del_opportunity – delete opportunity from selected character
  • add_challenge – add challenge to the player kingdom
  • new_rumor – Add new rumor from seleted character
  • new_rumors – Add new rumors from seleted character
  • income_mul – set gold income multiplier – just for silver. example income_mul 2 will double current income
  • cc – change the class of the selected character
  • age – Make selected character grow up soon
  • prestige – add prestige to selected kingdom
  • fame – add fame to selected kingdom
  • max – level up selected character to maximum using all skills (1) or random skills (0)
  • recall – Recall selected character to court
  • kill_prisoners – Kill all prisoners in local player’s kingdom
  • ao – Force action outcome
  • nce – new Cardinal-Elect from the selected kingdom
  • nc – new player-led crusade against selected kingdom
  • poc – set Player-Only Crusade leaders
  • apf – Add a province feature to selected realm. Eg apf Raisins – add raising to selected city/province
  • switch – Switch to selected kingdom
  • conquer_rest – conquers all kingdoms except the selected one
  • build [Name] – Building gets constructed in selected town. Building name can be found in buildings.def
  • build [Name] [castle name] – Building gets built in specified province. Example: build CropFarming Rennes
  • upgrade [name] – This command completed the upgrade. Note; upgrade name can be found in upgrades.def
  • ex – Excommunicates the selected kingdom.
  • unex – Removes ex-communication from the selected kingdom.
  • restore_papacy – Restores the papacy.

AI Cheats

  • gai – Enables/disables the AI for everyone.
  • kai – Disables the AI for the selected kingdom.
  • bai – Enables/disables the AI in the battle view.
  • rai – Enables/disables the AI for rebels.
  • tkai – enabe / disable tracing for selected kingdom AI

Wrapping Up

So these are all the Knights of Honor 2 cheats to utilize right now. If you have got any new cheat or console command worth sharing, simply use the comment box below to do so.


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