Man of the House Cheat (2024)

Man of the House cheats abound. So if you are looking to unlock memories or increase your money by a certain amount, here are all the Man of the House cheats to utilise right now.

Man of the House is a narrative-driven game you’ll spend hours on once you get hooked. It is literally a point-and-click game mixed with visual novel elements, and the 3D visuals are extremely vivid and realistic.

In Man of the House, you play as a young, fun-loving dude living together with his stepmother and two stepsisters in a city filled with gorgeous women.

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Your goal as the protagonist is to advance the story by interacting with the characters in-game, with the aim of building romantic relationships by making the right choices capable of leading to multiple endings.

Albeit fun, Man of the House is far more challenging than you would think, and it is very easy to become frustrated with it. This is where our Man of the House cheat comes into play.

So assuming you’re looking to get an excessive amount of money or even unlock memories and more, here are all the currently working Man of the House cheats to utilise right now.

Man of the House Cheats

Similar to most visual novels, Man of the House features an in-built cheat system that lets users unlock galleries, memories, and even a plethora of money without grinding. Without further delay, here’s how to access the Man of the House cheat console.

To begin with, double-click to open Man of the House, and while in-game, click on the Phone icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

From the phone’s homescreen, click on the incognito icon of a guy wearing a hat and shades.

The Man of the House cheat console will instantly open, and from here, you can use the plus (+) sign to max out a variety of resources.

That aside, you can click the appropriate cheat option to unlock all memories and even increase your money by $1000.

Note: Activating the All Memories cheat (which unlocks everything in the gallery) may cause unforeseen problems. So we advise using that particular cheat only as a last resort if you can’t find one of the items in the gallery.

Once you are done making the desired changes, go ahead and exit the phone, and you should see the activated cheats working effectively once you return in-game.

Wrapping Up

So this is literally the only Man of the House cheat you’ll ever need. Also, we advise against cheating in Man of the House by modifying the game’s variables, parameters, or attributes via the console, as this will break the game.

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