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My Singing Monsters Hacks: Infinite Coins, Diamonds and More

by Henry Emmanuel

My Singing Monsters hacks abound. So if you are looking forward to hacking My Singing Monsters for Infinite coins, diamonds and more, here’s literally all the hacks for My Singing Monsters to utilize right now.

In My Singing Monsters, there are a plethora of resources that you’ll need to manage in order to progress and take care of your monsters. These resources include coins, diamonds, food, shards, relics and keys, but nabbing them requires either spending real world money or grinding nonstop. This where My Singing Monsters hacks comes in to play. However, before we go about unravelling all the hacks for My Singing Monsters, it’s wise to get to know what the game is all about.

What is My Singing Monsters?

Combining the elements of simulation, strategy, and music, My Singing Monsters by Big Blue Bubble is literally a 2012 mobile game where players are tasked to collect, feed and breed different types of monsters that can sing.

The game features a colossal number of monsters representing a musical note or instruments and each have their own distinct sounds and melodies, and can be placed on various lush islands within the game to be taken care of.

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In addition to creating unique musical arrangements, one of My Singing Monsters strong point is the breeding system which literally allows players to strategically breed different combinations of monsters in order to unlock new types of monsters featuring different musical abilities and sounds.

The game also allows players to decorate their islands and customize them with various structures and decorations whilst ensuring their monsters are happy in order to earn coins through them.

Now assuming you are looking for some working hacks for My Singing Monsters, then here’s undoubtedly, the best My Singing Monsters hacks to utilize right now.

My Singing Monsters Hacks

From free coins to gems, keys, shards, relics, diamonds and more, the My Singing Monsters hack we are about to share below also features all monsters unlocked. So assuming you have already installed the Google Play Store version of the game, here’s the perfect and proven method of hacking My Singing Monsters.


  • Download My Singing Monsters Hack

How to Hack My Singing Monsters

To begin with, head over to Google Play Store and use the search icon at the top right corner of the screen to lookup ZArchiver. Once found, click on the Install button to get it onto your Android device.

Next up, open the ZArchiver app you installed just now and navigate to Android >> data. From here, lookup the following folder;


Once found, tap and hold, then click Rename from the window that will appear and add a suffix to the original folder name. Example;


With that done, jump into Android >> obb and perform the same step.


Once you have completed it, go ahead and uninstall the Google Play Store version of My Singing Monsters app.

Now download and install the modded or modified version of My Singing Monsters hack using the clickable link visible in the requirements above.


Once that’s done, open ZArchiver once again and navigate to Android >> data and Android >> obb to remove the suffix added earlier.

With that done, open the newly installed My Singing Monsters hack and you’ll be able to see all resources maxed. Go ahead and purchase just about anything you desire.


Wrapping Up

So this is literally the only working My Singing Monsters hacks to utilize right now. If you are in possession of a working hack we do not know of, simply use the comment box below to reveal it and we’ll do well to update this article.

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