Panini Roblox ID (2024)

Panini Roblox ID galore. So if you’re looking add the music code to your Roblox game, then here’s one working Panini Roblox ID to use right now.

Look, you don’t get to dominate Billboard Hot 100 charts 17-weeks straight without picking up a little knowledge along the way. From Old Town Road to Panini, one can easily deduce or tell how serious and dedicated Lil Nas X is to his work.

For one thing, Panini is the second single from Lil Nas X’s debut EP 7. From the song meaning alone, one can tell the rapper must have been in a very nostalgic mood considering the fact that he talked about his old fanbase and then went ahead to compare them to Panini, I.e the character from the popular TV Series Chowder.

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Knowing how possessive Panini was over Chowder in the show, Lil Nas X explains that she represents fans who love you while you’re small, but don’t get to feel you much once you hit the spotlight. Nas said his song Panini isn’t a diss but anger towards those fans but also wanting them back.

Now if you are looking to add Panini to your Roblox game, then here’s the only working Panini Roblox ID to use right now.

Panini Roblox ID

When you look up for Panini on Roblox, you’d see that the song has been deleted for copyright. Fortunately, we have a working Panini Roblox ID with us and it is just a matter of seconds before you start playing it out on your Roblox game.

Song NameID

How to Play Music On Roblox

Roblox is sure generous. Not only does it offer its services for free but also allows users to listen to any music code provided they have the boombox item. Of course there are a couple of options available and the lowest Boombox can sell as low as R$250. Now assuming you’ve already got one available, simply follow the below guide to get Panini playing;

  • To begin with, fire up Roblox and enter your game world
  • From here, click on your boombox
  • Then type in the Panini Roblox ID listed above and hit enter
  • Your music will then play out loud!

Wrapping Up

So this the new Panini Roblox ID that works in 2021. Go ahead and input the code into your boombox and starting playing.

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