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Parasite Black Cheat Codes and Gallery Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Parasite Black cheat codes galore. So if you are looking to unlock gallery, win every battle or to get infinite money, here’s all the active Parasite Black cheat codes and gallery codes to utilize right now.

Parasite Black is an incredible sandbox RPG set in the fictional world of Mirnos, a world under the fierce onslaught of a dangerous, bizarre race known as the Demorai.

Its gameplay tells the tale of a young hero born into the Kingdom of Alderay with the objective of saving the plagued world from evil.

Having been sent on a suicide mission, he ended up dead but was able to get a second chance thanks to a parasite that was able to bring him back to life.

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Now possessed by some newfound power, the hero (who you’re in control of) will have to continue his mission to turn the tides of war and save his realm from the clutches of the Demorai.

In addition to its thoroughly developed lore, exploration elements, content, and unique turn-based combat system, Parasite Black features a gorgeous art style as well as plenty of characters to accompany you on your adventures.

Now, assuming you are looking to simplify your gaming experience by unlocking all the exclusive scenes in-game and nabbing a plethora of in-game items and currency without grinding, here are all the Parasite Black cheat codes to utilise right now.

Parasite Black Cheat Codes

In Parasite Black, the cheat code option is only available to Patrons. So assuming you’ve got it enabled, simply type in the Parasite Black cheat code below to win every battle, unlock the gallery, and even get an excessive amount of money.


  • allsfairinloveandwar – unlock cheat menu
  • wehavesuchsightstoshowyou – unlock all gallery
  • curiositykilledthecat – lock all gallery


  • onceacheateralwaysacheater – Enable cheat menu
  • peepshow – unlock all gallery
  • closeyoureyes – lock all gallery


  • Enable cheat menu: allyourbasesbelongtous
  • Unlock all gallery: cinderella
  • Lock all gallery: seenoevil


  • Enable cheat menu: spidermonkey


  • Cheats: toggle
  • cheats: rhapsody
  • Cheat menu: mayhem

Simply type in the above Parasite Black cheat code in the cheat option box in-game and hit Submit or Enter to activate, and you will be good to go.

Wrapping Up

So this is basically the only available Parasite Black cheat code to use right now. Ensure to bookmark this page and frequent often for more cheat codes update.

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